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  1. Sticking my nose in from the Worcester/Millbury line. How is everyone?
  2. Hi Julia Thank you for the beautiful squares! http://knits4charity.blogspot.com/2011/10/12-squares-from-julia-crochetville.html Have a great day Beth
  3. Its expensive. I shop the sales and can get yarn to join a blanket for about $5.00. It cost at least $10, sometimes $15 to send a single blanket. I now have a "team" helping me join blankets (I can't do this myself) and it cost the same amount to ship squares and yarn to them as it does to send a blanket to a Veteran. So, right now, its costing me about $30 per blanket if I have to send it to my "team"
  4. Hi Brenda (bgs) I received your squares and donation toward postage costs! Thank you so much! Beth
  5. Need your help. I am working on a blanket for a very special female Veteran who needs some love. I am about 3/4 done and want to put together a small "care package" to go with this. If anyone has anything they can send to include with it, no matter how small, please message me. I think she really needs to know she is loved and appreciated.
  6. WE STILL NEED SQUARES!!! Just a reminder - WE STILL NEED SQUARES!!! There are now FOUR people assembling blankets so they are being used up FOUR times as fast! If you are able to send squares, and/or yarn to join them, and/or postage for shipping (as little as 25 cents for each square you send would be AWESOME!) please email me for an address
  7. Hi Cindy (CynCyn) I received your squares and posted pictures to the blog for the ENTIRE world to see! http://knits4charity.blogspot.com/2011/07/14-squares-from-cindy-h-crochetville.html Aren't they beautiful everyone??? Thanks again!
  8. That is the correct video. I do the SC round before I start the flat braid so the sc round and the flat braid round are the same color. Do 3 sc in each corner and 1 sc in each DC. I can't open the link in your 2nd post. Are you on Facebook?
  9. There is a youtube video (1 of 3) near the bottom of this page (which also has the pattern). Make and join about 4 squares, in a square - not a line - and send to me I would like to see the finished product. This is for anyone who is interested in doing this. Flat Braid Join can be a challenge at first so don't get frustrated if you don't get it right away - keep trying. You will find it to be quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it. Let me know when your ready for my address. Oh, and with the new team of "joiners" we are assembling, we will be needing more squares!
  10. I am officially looking for people to help me join afghans. I haven't quite figured out how it will work (financially) but I can't do this alone. If you are willing to help, please let me know. I prefer blankets to be joined with the flat braid join but I am willing to entertain other ideas. I will be asking you to send me a sample of your handiwork so I can insure our Veterans get the best of the best and all finished blankets will be sent to me. Thats all I have for details so far.
  11. Thank you It was beginning to be like organizing a part time business. I'm glad to have more time to crochet Beth
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