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  1. With jimmies, definitely! I'll take the T to Havahd Yahd, and stop at Legal Seafoods for tartar sauce for the clam dog.
  2. A Friendly's Clam Dog and a strawberry frappe to go, coming up!
  3. Plarn id the 'fiber' that is the result of cutting up plastic bags and linking them into a single 'thread". http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2007/02/17/instructions-for-cutting-plastic-bags-creating-recycled-plastic-yarn/
  4. I'm making things out of plarn these days as my yarn budget is practically nil. Not so easy on the hands and wrists, but very easy on the budget. LOL My mother doesn't know that every time she or my grandmother bring over items in plastic bags she's giving me the materials to make their Christmas presents. I look forward to the bags are much as the clothes and food donations!
  5. Just moved back to the Dedham/Norwood area after gone for 15 years or so. Anyone else here?
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