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  1. Hmm, I have a Japanese friend who might be willing to help translate that. Curious thing about it is that at least some of the directions are crocheted (by the diagrams), but the close up picture at the end the beehive piece looks knitted to me.
  2. I mix the varigated yarns with white (two strands) and mute the colors for lapghans, or make small granny squares edged in black for a stained glass effect for pillows. I pair matching solids with them too, and make hats, scaves, mittens... I usually have a single skein left of varigateds, and have lots of solids hanging around.
  3. It does look like a puff stitch. I think in order to do the flaps you have to join a new ball of yarn to do the flaps and work back and forth instead of in the round. (It looks like the hat is made in the round to me.)
  4. Is the flannelghan a copyrighted pattern? I've been making them for friends and giving them away, but a couple of people have seen the ones I have made and want to buy them through Etsy. (And I would like to offer to make them with custom colors.) I know Etsy won't let me sell a copyrighted pattern, but as I'd be selling something that could be copyrighted... where does that leave me? Help!?
  5. I wanted to check all the options in this poll! I will fall back on the tried and true when I have limited time, but I love to experiment and challenge myself, so if I have 8 months to make one I will go for something new.
  6. Oooh, that sounds like it's worth the day trip it would take me to get there!
  7. I'd mat it with a neutral color, and frame it for a wall display.
  8. Or you can try a light green for Doritos Mr. Dragon Fire Chips; they are wasabi flavored.
  9. I work 24/7 as a stay at home mom to two special needs boys. I'm trying to get started in crochet designing and crafting in general.
  10. Can you use a white and make a Granny Square blanket with it? I like to make an all-over shell pattern blanket with a baby varigated print; it reduces 'pooling' of colors, and makes for a nice gender neutral blanket.
  11. I love your designs, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  12. I gave Squirrely to my boyfriend. I wish I'd got a picture of his face upon seeing it! He was floored I would do that for him, and thrilled with how cute the squirrel was. :-D
  13. I make that kind of bag - you can check my etsy shop and see if you find what you are looking for. I'll write up a pattern for any of my bags if you are interested.
  14. That is one terrific design. I'd love to see more of those.
  15. Here's Squirrelly, made from this pattern with some alterations of my own. My boyfriend feeds the squirrels at his apartment peanuts all the time, so I made a few for this little guy.
  16. How heavy did it turn out? Did you use the interlocking rings method for the plarn or a single strand? I tried making a plarn doormat and it was too lightweight - it kept getting blown away in fall winds.
  17. Thanks! My boyfriend loves squirrels, so I know what to make him now!
  18. One thing that I have found to do is when you find one, try to keep it loose and shake the knot a couple of times from different angles. Sometimes this helps in un/detangling for me. I like to persevere and try to unknot, but if it takes me too long, I will cut. I get more frustrated when I'm working on a variegated yarn and some ninny joined it at the factory in the wrong way and I have to cut or rip to get it right again.
  19. For those of you that create plarn out of plastic bags or other recyclable materials, I'm curious as to how you store the items. I've got a very large stash of plastic bags and I'm debating whether to cut it all and leave it until I have enough for my intended project, or roll what I've got. I also am not sure about storing the few bags that are 'odd' colors - not the white or grey, but blues, pinks, yellows... Do you store the uncut 'raw' materials as they come, or do you cut as soon as the item gets to you? Do you join and roll immediately, or wait until just before (or during) a project?
  20. I put my unused yarns in spaces on my bookshelves, and have a rolling three drawer cart for the balls I roll after most of a skein is used. I use plastic bags for my WIPs mostly, though I have a large tote I use to moving a project around.
  21. LOL, can you imagine making curtains with the self striping sock yarns out there now? It could be either amazingly good, or amazingly tacky.
  22. Most people use the word stash to refer to their petting zoo of yarns.
  23. JennyBunny


    A double treble you yarn over 3 times, and then pull a loop through. You would yarn over again, pull that through two loops, and repeat until you had two loops left on the hook (the loop from the last stitch made, and the last loop of the stitch you are in the process of making) for the 'leaving one loop on the hook'. You would repeat that instruction 9 more times, so that when you finish you would have 11 loops on your hook (one from before you started all these dtrs, and 10, one from each dtr you made), yarn over and pull through all the dtrs so that you have a single loop on your hook again.
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