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I Did it! I Did it!

Empress Busy Bee

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You guys sucked me into the fulling side of crochet and I just had to try it.

So I got some black and grey Paton's Marino and boy is that stuff wonderful. I used the afghan stitch and made a simple bag. I did half double for the strap. I fulled the flowers just to see how they'd turn out and I love them. They are not sewn on yet though.

I loved my bag so much before I fulled it, it was sooo hard to wash it.

But I love it now after, too!

This is supposed to be a present for my sister but she doesn't like many crocheted things and I love this so I may not give it to her. LOL













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That looks GREAT. Wonderful job. :clap


Where do you all get your wool from? I don't have a LYS and am limited to Fisherman's Wool getting it from a fabric store 30 miles away.


What's a great (aka cheap) on line source?

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You did such a good job! It's such a cute bag!


Way to go! :thumbsup


Are you hooked?

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