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Happy Easter Table and Tree (picture heavy)

Tampa Doll

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I know I am early or late however you want to look at it.  

Late for Easter, as it is Sunday, but early for April which is Monday.

If you notice on the tree is a Bunny and the tree is full of colored eggs, so fancy and some not.

The table has the girl dressed for Easter Sunday.  New hat, shoes purse, dress and socks. Let's not forget the white gloves. I loved everything growing up, but the hat.  Mom made us wear it to Church.  Never wore it again.  I hated hats.

Enjoy the table and tree and Have a Happy Easter.



Tree April Easter 2024 01.jpg

Tree April Easter 22024.jpg

Easter Table April 2024.jpg

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I love those particular bunnies too!

The tree is so lovely and the bunny tree top goes perfectly. Everything just made my day! Thank you, Mary Jo!

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Posted (edited)

Thank you all.  Those are called Little Easter Bunnies by Joanne Jordon on Ravelry.  They are a free pattern.

I did one in yarn and one is thread.  That is why the sizes are different.

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