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Happy Colorful Purse


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I needed a larger bag for work so I created this... I attempted to add a liner... However that didn't seem to work very well so my daughter bought me a purse insert liner. ($25) they do have some that are cheaper anywhere from $10 and up...

Purse---has options for straps two on each side which are removable... And one on each end to allow it for a different option...

I would say it takes under two balls of yarn...$5.99 from Walmart... As I did not keep track of how much yarn I used I'm also making a matching wallet/key chain strap/and cell phone case....

I've been stopped by several people admiring my purse and made requests for one...

I also finished my little mini wallet....This usually will hold cards and $$$...





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1 hour ago, Granny Square said:

That is really sharp looking, I'm not surprised passers-by admired it!  :yes   Curious, what yarn was it--love the bright colors and nice long transitions.

Lion Brand Mandala Ombre "Happy"


I also split/cut yarn when it transitioned from pink to red so I didn't have the colors together in the layout scheme.....

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The bag looks great! I love the colors. And the purse liner was a surprise to me. I like that much better than lining with fabric for a more defined shape to the bag. It's probably more durable too. Great job.

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