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Meet Frank & his new toys:)


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 Hello Everyone:),

Not much here to "show" just a toy for Frank. Frank is a dog-Pug. He is a new addition to my daughter family. Now she got 2 dogs & 2 cats. Frank is obsessed  with those "Target" blankets I made (2 of them). He LOVES that Bernat Blanket Yarn. He will not let other animal's use those blankets!!. I guess he is picky about colors too.  He loves those Targets/blankets because most of the color in them is white. My daughter ask me to crochet out of that Bernat blanket yarn little "roll-toy" for him. Something like a little "log". I did that and I thought maybe he would like something round, like a tiny pillow - toy for his head/snoot?:). I did crochet a Smiley face, on the other side is a sad face. That Smile'y is 7" in diam.

I did sew special cover out of terry cloth soft fabric for that stuffing (inside that pillow). Since that Bernat Blanket Yarn is so thick I did not want those animals  to start puling out that fiberfill from between the stitches. Because that would not be good if they would start swaloow that:(

Here are couple pictures I took for my daughter to send that to her & get her opinion LOL. I thought I might as well post that here.

I am posting Frank's 2 pictures on his Target blanket:).


PS: Frank is so "crazy" about that Target blanket..Last night he started crying very badly. My daughter & granddaughters run out of the bedrooms to see WHAT happen??:(. He was crying because his Target blanket was gone from that place it use to be. At first they did not knew why is he crying.?. After my daughter figure it out she brought him that second Target blanket & she put that down in the same place (he likes). He stopped crying in instend and lie down on it. She just took his Target  blanket to wash machine that is why wasn't not there.



IMG_2773 Frank 2.jpg

Frank and Target blanket.jpg






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6 hours ago, bgs said:

Nice job Krys.  Loved hearing how much Frank loves the blanket you made.  Sounds like your daughter is going to need to always.have a spare on hand for him.

Thank You Brenda:). Your post made me smile. Because my daughter have a spare one, exactly the same; design & colors are same. After yesterday encounter my daughter thinks that she needs 3 MORE of them!, exactly the same like that  "Target" blanket LOL. It is probably because earlier yesterday I told her: "After I am finish with those blankets, that will be the end on my making that!. Because that is boring. I will go back crocheting Amigurumi. Because they put a smile on my face after I am finish with each of them. Blankets don't " . That is why she want 3 more of them now!. She things I will never go back crocheting those blankets. She is thinking ahead.. LOL.


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Wow, your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom! Great job on the toys and rugs, doggie is very spoiled haha.

Things actually turned out ok here in wisconsin after a hard couple of weeks. We are still here until May.

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I don't how I missed this one.  Frankie is adorable.  He seems to be very territorial.  Likes his stuff where he puts it. Maybe next time she can show him it is in the wash and he can sit and wait for it to be done. lol

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