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    beanies, character hats, blankets
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  1. Niña de Ganchillo

    Trio of Harvest Angels

    Love them, they're so pretty!
  2. Niña de Ganchillo

    Halloween Beanies

    Thanks for the links Reni, I'll check them out.
  3. Niña de Ganchillo

    Halloween Beanies

    Thank you both. Fun to make now trying to figure out what to do next. What are you (Legal Woman and Tampa Doll) working on?
  4. Niña de Ganchillo

    Halloween Beanies

    Here's a picture of a couple halloween beanies I finished recently. A candy corn beanie and a pumpkin beanie. What do you think?
  5. Niña de Ganchillo

    New to this forum, but not to crochet :-)

    Hi Tilly! New here too....welcome to you.
  6. Niña de Ganchillo

    Halloween Buddies

  7. Niña de Ganchillo

    My book "fadenkunst" (thread art) will be published soon

  8. Niña de Ganchillo


    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I can't find the 2018 wish list, will keep looking though. Need a new project to start.
  9. Niña de Ganchillo

    Meet Frank & his new toys:)

    This post put a huge smile on my face, Frank's lucky to have you for his grandma lol.
  10. Niña de Ganchillo

    Chemo blankets

    Gorgeous blanket and wonderful cause, simply awesome!
  11. Niña de Ganchillo

    New member

    Hi Sally! New here too. My name's Nina nice to meet you.
  12. Niña de Ganchillo


    Hello and thank you for sharing your community with me. I'm an avid crocheter and have been crocheting for about 18 years. I taught myself by getting a beginners book on crocheting and my very first project was a ripple afghan in colors of rose, blue, Burgundy, and cream. After that I was "hooked". I learned how to do the granny square and would make blankets out of granny squares and also entire blankets with the granny square pattern. Over the years I tried different things and discovered I really enjoy making beanies and character hats they are very quick, easy, and fun to me, and there was a time I made them for infants as well as people with cancer- I plan to do that again actually and encourage others to do it as well as it's one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life. Although I've learned a lot there is still so much I don't know but am excited and willing to learn. I'll do my best to help others here if I can and look forward to seeing all the wonderful creations being made and sharing mine too. Blessings. Nina