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  1. Wow that's great! You really live up to your name! Keep up the amazing work!
  2. Very pretty placemats!! We have moved on to South Dakota, for a nice temperate summer after last summer in Austin, and have been absolutely sweltering with heat and humidity. People up here say its because we are in the south, which I can't quite figure that one. I finishes my granddaughter's doll and am working on the dress, will post a picture when I ever finally get it finished.
  3. WOW!!!! Its adorable! You did a great job.
  4. Hello everyone! I have not been on in a while either. My days just flow. If I don't get on first thing in the morning its not going to happen. I am still working on a doll for my granddaughter's upcoming 2nd birthday. Meanwhile we continue our rv journey and are in South Dakota for the summer. I must say that people here are the nicest of anywhere we have been so far. Smiling, friendly faces literally everywhere I go. It's been great so far!
  5. Awwwww very cute. I love those dolls.
  6. That is so sweet! You did a great job! So nice that there are so many wonderful free patterns out there.
  7. Very sweet, and so is the little model. Precious!
  8. Awesome. Also, Mary Jo, I have been working that alaska hat in sc, I did the brim in post stitch dc and it turned out great. I have laid it aside till fall. I absolutely could not knit it.
  9. I am starting this crochet doll for my granddaughter: Instead of yarn, I plan to use long blonde mohair. Does anyone see any reason why I cant go ahead and attach it a little at a time just like I would yarn?
  10. Wow that's gorgeous, and so unique! Great job getting it figured out.
  11. Cute Chicks Mary Jo, they are very sweet.
  12. It's gorgeous!!