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  1. richsgirl

    Pocket Fox

    Thank you!
  2. richsgirl

    Pocket Fox

    My first completed colorwork project!! Two panel front and back back is solid color. It was fun!!
  3. richsgirl

    Cabled Hat

    Thank you for all the compliments
  4. richsgirl

    Cabled Hat

    I just finished this hat for my nephew. It is a pattern from crochetgarden.com. many of you remember Lisa Nanskrent, I think she is the most talented crochet designer ever. Love love love her stuff.
  5. richsgirl

    Hawaiian girl

    I love it!!! It's adorable!! Great work.
  6. richsgirl

    September 2018 Table

    Awwwwww it's lovely. You always put so much time and thought into everything you do. Speaking of fall and changes of seasons, It was Sept. when we drove out of Alaska 3 years ago. The trees were bare and it was very cold, with snow here and there. As we drove to South Carolina we left winter,drove through fall in the midwest, and into late summer in South Carolina all in 11 days. It was a very interesting experience!
  7. richsgirl

    To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018

    Super cute, thanks for the heads up
  8. richsgirl

    To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018

    Looooooooove the bottom afghan. They are both gorgeous but the bottom one is simply stunning! Great work!!!!
  9. richsgirl

    Two New Baby Blankets

    Absolutely gorgeous, does she love them?
  10. richsgirl

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    Panda things are very popular in my house. We have panda stuffed animals, panda purses, panda clothes, they watch panda shows etc
  11. richsgirl

    A doll for Melody

    Awwww thanks for the nice compliments.
  12. richsgirl


    Cute, I like the colors, it's always satisfying using a new dishcloth, isn't it?
  13. I have 7 children, 4 of whom are girls. Two girls are 21 and 18, and the other two are 4 and 2. I had made cupcake purses years ago for my older 2. My 21 year old had kept hers and given it to our 4 year old. It remains consistently popular with my 4 year old for the last year or so, and the 2 year old desperately wants it. So...I told my 4 year old I was going to make her little sister one so she wouldn't keep wanting hers all the time. the 4 year old gets suuuper offended and says, no mom! You can make ME a new one and she can have the old one. So we go to the store and she picks out this rainbow color. I sit down to start making the bottom, which should be the tan cupcake color, and she comes up to me and says what are you doing?!? I explain I am starting the bottom of the cupcake purse. She cries NO! The whoooole thing has to be rainbow. *sigh* So, here is Ana's rainbow cupcake purse.
  14. richsgirl

    Christy Crochet Headband

    Very pretty! I visited your shop and your patterns are lovely!
  15. richsgirl

    bag made for a friends little niece

    Very pretty!! very sweet looking.Bunnies are my favorite animals