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  1. That is so sweet! You did a great job! So nice that there are so many wonderful free patterns out there.
  2. Very sweet, and so is the little model. Precious!
  3. Awesome. Also, Mary Jo, I have been working that alaska hat in sc, I did the brim in post stitch dc and it turned out great. I have laid it aside till fall. I absolutely could not knit it.
  4. I am starting this crochet doll for my granddaughter: Instead of yarn, I plan to use long blonde mohair. Does anyone see any reason why I cant go ahead and attach it a little at a time just like I would yarn?
  5. Wow that's gorgeous, and so unique! Great job getting it figured out.
  6. Cute Chicks Mary Jo, they are very sweet.
  7. It's gorgeous!!
  8. Kintted/crocheted these dish cloths for a friend. The cotton is very hard on my hands, glad to move on to something softer!
  9. Not sure but I think only Veronika does!
  10. Wow, your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom! Great job on the toys and rugs, doggie is very spoiled haha. Things actually turned out ok here in wisconsin after a hard couple of weeks. We are still here until May.
  11. Has anyone seen the new Mandela yarn in Walmart? I think it's gorgeous. My daughter is making an afghan with one of the variegated colors and it is absolutely stunning.
  12. Awwww Krys sorry to hear about your doggie. What a sweet surprise for you.
  13. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha