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  1. Thank you all! it is very exciting! Mary Jo, love the new pic!
  2. I just finished this newborn size dress for my newest grandbaby Aria Katarina, who was the first baby born in the state of Alaska this New Year's day! I have 3 grandchildren at 44, doesn't seem possible!
  3. richsgirl

    Here's Pooh

    It's so cute! And I love how you say oh she asked me last week, and here it is! It took me a year to finish that parakeet haha. Also, I love the eyebrows!
  4. Wow!!!!! Beautiful!!!! You could not have chosen a more perfect yarn for this project.
  5. richsgirl


    Yes they are sooooo messy!! Sweet though! This one does not have feathers everywhere.
  6. richsgirl


    Thank you! It went out in the mail today!
  7. richsgirl


    What a pain, what a pain, oh my gosh I'm soooooo glad this is finally done!!! Going to Ga to my son's best friend who asked me to make him one. I am pretty happy with how it turned out though.
  8. I am super duper impressed that you designed it!!!!
  9. It's great! Love hearing your childhood memories too. First day for school for us here in our rv is tomorrow too!
  10. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/insomnia-2 Ok, so this is not crochet, it is knit. But some things are just so remarkable they have to be shared irregardless. This is one of those things!
  11. Baby dresses sell well for the cost of making them. Usually you can make one with 1-2 skeins and a few days work. Crochetgarden.com has the most beautiful ones I have ever seen or made, I sold them for around 20.00 a piece. Good luck!
  12. Awwwwww, that's so cute. They are just beautiful!
  13. It's gorgeous! It's your own design??
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