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  1. this?
  2. Oh my goodness isn't that beautiful!! Great job designing something so lovely and thanks for the link!
  3. Nice dishcloth and elephant! I don't get to crochet long enough for my hands to get tired lol.
  4. Wow what did your friend say when she got it? Its beautiful
  5. My dh lets me buy yarn so he can buy tools..It works
  6. It's not only pretty but very very neat looking. Very tidy crocheting!
  7. is amazing. I followed the link. I dont see where it says what kind of stitch it is? I love it whatever it is. This is my second favorite thing I have ever seen you make. The first was the dog graphgan.
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooove the rapunzel afghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeere did you get that pattern?? Tell me please!!!
  9. Wow I love that afghan, and you did such a neat job attaching all the squares together. I have finished some projects over the years that I have had to force myself to finish, but it has always been worth it, and I can see it was definitely worth it here!
  10. Ohhh haha ok I understand now.
  11. It was so nice of you to reach out to that lady in that way. Many times people feel uncomfortable talking to people about losses so they just avoid it. I am sure it really meant a lot to her and I can't wait to see what the blanket looks like!
  12. Wow I really really like that. I would use one of those in front of my kitchen sink. The yarn sounds bad but the finished product is gorgeous!
  13. Your mom did a great job! I can see why you are happy.