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  1. I love snowmen. This is super cute. Love the hat!!
  2. Awwww aren't they sweeeeeet!
  3. Wow! They are good size. I love them both
  4. Very very precious. How long are they?
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Very very pretty! Never seen anything quite like it! Where did you find the pattern?
  7. got the state for sure!!!
  8. Welcome! This is a very friendly place. Lots to see for sure! Glad to have you
  9. Wow, I know everybody says this every month, but this really IS one of the most gorgeous bags yet!
  10. Need I say more??? It is a I bought it and it's adorable I cant waaaaait to make it!!!!!
  11. Hi Cheryl! Welcome to the 'ville! I love your work, especially the cute little jacket. I have also been married for 21 years and we have 7. We live full time in an rv and travel around the country, although hubby says he will be ready to go back to Alaska in a year or two.
  12. I love it. Love the loose flowing stitches. She will treasure it I'm sure!
  13. I love the tote!! It reminds me a bit of mine, but different. It's my tote's sister bag! The doll is beautiful! And you know these bags really DO hold alot! It's amazing.
  14. How pretty and interesting! You did a great job!
  15. Congratulations!!!!!!!