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  1. richsgirl

    Between Meal Centerpiece

    great job!
  2. richsgirl

    Kitchen Curtain

    You have really outdone yourself! Jaw dropping!
  3. richsgirl

    Floral Elegance

    Oh wow! good going!
  4. richsgirl

    Floral Elegance

    It's so pretty! great work! How long did it take?
  5. richsgirl

    Queen Bee-Hive Doll

    Soooo cute! Love things like that!
  6. Thank you guys for your encouragement and support. I am heading on a road trip with the 3 little ones on Monday to see my dad. It's a 26 hour drive from Houston to Herkimer NY, so we will take 3 days to get there and spend about a week with him. I haven't seen my dad in 13 years so I am very excited to see him even though the circumstances are sad. A couple days after I get back we have to hook up and head out to Arizona for our next job, so it's going to be busy around here. I am still crocheting here and there and hope to finish up an afghan while I am in NY.
  7. My mother passed away very peacefully and in no pain into the arms of Jesus. She had not sought chemo but chose to live out the rest of her life at home and never had any pain or had to go on morphine. She just passed in her sleep, but I am definitely missing her a lot. Thank you to all who prayed. Her and my dad were married for 57 years. He is heartbroken. I am thinking of eventually trying a graphgan of her for him.
  8. Wow!!!! That is by far one of the most gorgeous doilies I have ever seen, bar none.
  9. richsgirl

    Using Alexa to Support Crocheting

    I used to think Alexa was a good idea, until Amazon admitted they are recording and storing every conversation in every household that has this device. Not for me, thanks!
  10. richsgirl

    Bangkok Shawl

    The shawl is beautiful! And on a personal note, having had two Thai exchange students in the past, I think Thai folks are among the kindest, humblest, sweetest folks on earth!
  11. richsgirl


    Hello from the gulf of mexico, Texas side. Look forward to seeing your work!
  12. richsgirl

    Leaping Stripes & Blocks

    Thanks! Bought the yarn last night. I love this yarn has a few different reds, I couldn't quite tell from the picture which shade you used, I went with cranberry. It was on sale though so I got 10 skeins for 36.00 which wasn't bad at all! Starting it today or Sun.
  13. richsgirl

    Leaping Stripes & Blocks

    I have to make this afghan in these same colors. I looked at it again today and was like, Matthias would love this. He is almost 7 and I thought to myself, this looks kind of blocky like minecraft and also I bet his little mind will see lava. I showed him the picture and he was like "It looks like lava!!" and his next comment was that it looks like minecraft. So yep, making it.
  14. richsgirl

    Leaping Stripes & Blocks

    It's gorgeous! Love your color choices!
  15. richsgirl

    English Bull Dogs

    Great job, she will be so surprised and happy. It does look like a LOT of work!!