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My old brush container:)


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I took some pictures of my old brush container. Nothing special, just a cheap plastic. Not even good enough to pain on. While ago I was doing a lot of panting on everything and everywhere...LOL.  I even painted walls in my grandkids room when they were very little. I panted different animals, palm trees, flowers &... Yes, I used some bigger brushes for that.

I remember when I was looking once at that brush-container I said to my self: That "thing" needs some flowers or something..?. That was just a very fast & sloppy painting I did around. As you can see that is 2 piece container. Top- semi clear plastic & bottom- just ugly grayish plastic. 

When I use those brushes that top goes OVER that bottom part. I just wanted to get some 3D effect when that top goes over that bottom. I painted  some "grass" & lady bugs on bottom. On that top some flowers& more lady bugs. When I put that top over that bottom that is the effect I wanted ( "grass" showing behind from the bottom part)

That would look a lot better if only that top plastic would been clear & bottom not in a grayish color with some dark specks :(.

a) First & second picture: that top is over that bottom ( that look is the best out of those pictures)

b) Third picture - top & bottom separate 

c) Fourth picture - Container closed (brushes not in use)


PS: I post that at a WRONG place! :(.





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