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Hi Tech Cozy

Tampa Doll

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We finally broke down and got a cell phone.  Still trying to figure it out.

I bought a cover for it, but it was to hard and bulky.  So out comes the new Crochet World Dec. 2017.  In there is a pattern for a cozy for a cell phone and a tablet.  So I put everything down and make one for a large cell phone.  It was fun to make and unusual.  Instead of crocheting like you usually do, you crochet in between the legs of each stitch.


High Tech Cozy 01.JPG

High Tech Cozy.JPG

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Pooling is the get (often) ugly blobs you get most of the time with variegated yarn (you can tell I'm not a fan) but Red Heart has done some patterns with 'planned pooling' that looks like plaid.  Your gauge has to be 'just so', and you have to use a specific yarn  for it to work http://www.redheart.com/how-to/articles/quick-guide-to-color-pooling

This looks like 'waistcoat stitch',Amy posted a link to a Christmas stocking pattern using this stitch a while back...I think this was it

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