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Christmas Flatware Sacks for kids and more..:)


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Hello Everyone:)


To tell you the truth I really do not know WHAT to call that? LOL. Those "things" have a dual purpose so that is good:). I seen a picture of that over a year ago. I wanted to crochet that, but I did not knew anyone who have a very young kids that would be suitable for them. My granddaughters are little to old for that. Last summer I got a new neighbors with two little kids. I think they are about 5 & 7 years old (girl & boy). I did knew last summer that I will crochet that for them for Christmas:).

I only seen that picture with that flatware inside. But after I started making them I got an idea that can be used also as a little stocking for a tiny "treasures" or candy?. I did crocheted a little loop inside (can be in or out) for hanging on a fireplace mantle with other stockings.

So the Christmas morning it was a Christmas little stocking. Later at Christmas dinner it decorate's the table for them:).

The only way those two kids can tell them apart it is the color of the yarn on those "neck ties" in a middle. One is red & the other one green.

Those kids really like that Snowman Sacks/Stockings:).


Happy New Year! :)







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