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Snowman Candy Containers:)


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Hello everyone! :)

Here I am again with more candy containers. I did not planned to crochet those. But I promised those little kids who got those Halloween Candy Containers that IF they will save that glass part I will crochet them a Snowman for Christmas. And I completely forgot about that until about a week or so before Christmas, I was very busy:(. I said to my self: "O my goodness I can't disappoint those kids, they probably remember that!". So I grab my hook and here they are.


Happy New Year to Everyone! :)


PS: I do have more pictures I will post them this week.

I just came back from visiting my family in WI, it was a long drive..



post-73590-0-12210800-1451257178_thumb.jpg post-73590-0-98490200-1451257212_thumb.jpg




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