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My Nativity scene


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Some of you may know I have started the figures somewhere in summer… I didn't make all the people and animals usually visiting Baby Jesus  :) but I think they'll arrive one day… 

The idea was to crochet figures that my daughter could play with - without destroying them… 

I didn't use any pattern.


post-30828-0-15896300-1451168651_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-33505300-1451168661_thumb.jpg


Although there are no shepherds or kings, here is what my DD decided: CHILDREN came to see Jesus!


post-30828-0-52851100-1451168714_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-21039600-1451168697_thumb.jpg



The stable is very special and I like it a lot. I asked one lady if she could make it according to my ideas. She and her husband make a lot of pretty things of PAPER WICKAR. And they made the stable just as I wanted. You can "close the door" (or I should say - the wall) and move anywhere like a suitcase.


post-30828-0-24700900-1451168746_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-63491800-1451168758_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-97504300-1451168782_thumb.jpg  post-30828-0-02079700-1451168802_thumb.jpg

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