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My God, I am absolutely bowled over!  The intricacy and detail of the designs is really amazing!  

I remember you showed us a large piece you had made previously which was also quite impressive.


I have to ask: What kind of yarn did you use for these?  It looks really fine.


Kudos to you for making these works of art, while studying for a pharmacy degree no less!  

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I was curious too. Here you go Kathy:  Paquiliztli


Could you post the name of your facebook page?  It goes by too quickly in the video for me to write it down.  Thanks!

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Thank you! The type of yarn I use is called crystal thread yarn which is imported from Mexico. There are many brands that make this yarn in Mexico. Two of them are called Omegacrys and la Pantera Rosa. They have some really awesome colors. The yarn is size 10 fine crochet yarn.


My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/paquiliztli And Instagram is @PAQUILIZTLI


Stay tuned ! I have an awesome shawl coming up :D

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