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    Gay Denesse
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    I work in a hospital, Same Day Surgery. I am married and have one grown daughter. I like football.
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    New Orleans, La
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    crochet, knitting, sewing, art quilting,, doll making, mixed media artwork
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    registered nurse
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    afghans, booties, crocheted edging
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  1. gdenesse

    Doily rug

    I want to make a large doily rug. I can't decide what yarn to use. Cotton would be sturdy and weighty on the floor and would look great. But I am worried that it would be really heavy and difficult to wash and dry. Acrylic would be softer and easier to wash, but it would be more slippery. If it's a doily, I can't really put a rug gripper under it. What experience do you all have with this?
  2. I am doing an afghan now but it's not done. But I've done a few potholders and only had to do a couple of rounds. But I did regular crochet all around like a traditional edging. Worked great.
  3. I just started Tunisian, but the right side is not loose. Try watching a you tube video just to review the basics. You could see something that you are doing differently.
  4. This is something I saw on YouTube. It works quite well. Hook, metal tapestry needle, and a little peice of plastic hose to hold it all together. My husband found this hose for me out in his tool shed. It looks like aquarium tubing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gaydenesse/5578668846/
  5. It looks like a pattern from Crochet Gardens called " Afghan of the Sandman". http://crochetgarden.com
  6. It's gorgeous! I made a huge motif afghan for my mom. The African flower pattern. It took a long time to make. But my Mom washes everything at least once a week. Including the afghan. It's 2 years old but looks 20 years old. She only gets quick and simple now.
  7. I like Impeccable by Loops and Threads.
  8. I don't like Caron Simply Soft. It splits and is too shiny.
  9. You could make some bangs and slip them right under the main hair piece. You could take yarn, wrap it around a knitting needle, wet it and dry it in the oven on a low temperature. You'll have ringlets. You could take yarn and a needle and make large French knots all over her head. You could cut lengths of hair about an inch long, and make little bundles and stitch them around the middle to her head, all over her head. You could use wool yarn, and after attaching it to her head tease it out until it's fluffy. You can take the yarn, lay it onto a piece of tissue paper, stitch it on a sewing machine along one edge, pull the paper off, glue the hair all around her head along the hairline, then pull it up into a bun or ponytail.
  10. Might be time to try appliqué.
  11. I would use some white, or some lighter color to contrast with the brights. Red would also contrast we'll.
  12. Your work is beautiful! Congratulations on your graduation.
  13. I'm in New Orleans! I like thread crochet too. I work with thread sometimes, but not all of the time. I have dabbled in Irish Crochet, but it's not that easy to understand the older patterns.
  14. "]In New Orleans,Actually Harahan anyone near who likes thread crochet. I seem to be obsessed!!!!!
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