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  1. Hello friends, check out the beautiful balloon pattern on my YouTube channel☺️ Link to the video 👉 https://youtu.be/BWk-BLen1P0
  2. WeCrochet Learning Center | Crochet.com
  3. Lovely designs. LoveandStitchDesigns - Etsy
  4. Hi All I wanted to share with you my baby shoes project. It was something completely new for me and took my some time, but hope you will enjoy the results https://content.invisioncic.com/r276385/emoticons/default_smile.gif
  5. I made the pouch and the star blanket out of lion brand mandala sparkle and honestly I'm obsessed with the sparkles 😍 my daughter was maybe 2 here, she's 9 now!
  6. So i am making a summer top. I know how to do the fdc. But it says FDC 76 . Does this mean I chain 76, than proceed with the fdc? Just want to clarify before u start my project
  7. Learning to crochet by myself is really a very pleasant thing. I have made a lot of crochet works and share them with you. Today, I am sharing a crochet bouquet. I hope you will like it, thank you!
  8. I'm just curious as to rather or not you guys use any find of crochet apps? Currently I have Stash2Go, YarnBuddy, and lovecrafts crochet. I love the YarnBuddy app, it's so useful! I use an iPhone but I also have an android that I can put apps on to if you guys have any that iOS doesn't offer.. what's on your phone?
  9. Hello everyone! I am trying to formulate a pattern for couch cushion covers (those of you who have pets will understand). Currently we use 3-4 mismatching throw blankets to protect the cushions, but I wanted to crochet something more esthetically pleasing. What I am looking to do is essentially make a fitted cover for each cushion. My main question is how to I make sides from a bottom panel with corners and how can I make the bottom taut so the covers done move. Basically I want to crochet what will look like a fitted sheet for each cushion but don't know how to create the sides/corners required. Thank you!
  10. I came across this poncho pattern on the Attic24 blog and was hoping for a pattern, but have not been able to find it. Can anyone assist in identifying the stitches? And possibly how I’d go about making this? Alternatively, if there is a similar pattern out there, please let me know.
  11. Hi, I am using Wool and the Gang Tshirt yarn with a 12mm hook and cannot get it to lie flat, it is so chunky even in a magic circle that I can identify the stitches. It looks like a mangled jumble of knots! I have already tried with a 9mm hook. Is it the tension of my stitch or am I doing something completely wrong?
  12. Hello everyone, though I would share some of the hooks I have been making here are a few
  13. Hi Guys This is a Free written crochet pattern to create a baby bunny hat with long floppy ears, I have also added a cute crochet flower, This bunny hat is perfect for a new baby photo prop
  14. Starting this topic to assist newbie crocheters. Know a good source or book you’d like added just post to this thread. Resources for beginners : online, books or video. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com
  15. Show off your spring style with the Piper Patchwork Handbag. A super quick & fun crochet pattern that’s easy enough for beginners and creates a sensational accessory with a lot of texture and sass! Makes a great market bag too! Get it free on the blog HERE!
  16. Crochet Flowers make one of the most popular choice for making Crocheted bookmarks. They are great decorative work of art and very practical to mark up pages of your book. Crochet flower bookmarks work up in minutes. and very easy to whip up. They are the perfect project for using your scrap yarn. These Crocheted Flower Bookmarks are a great option for gifting. It will definitely make a book loving person more happy. You make can gift a bunch of them to your loved ones. They are just suitable for any occasion. Materials Used:- 4 Ply Cotton Knitting Yarn 4 mm Crochet Hook Size:- Flower - 3 inches Bookmark in length - 14 inches --Customizable to any size Written and Photo Tutorial:- https://rajiscrafthobby.blogspot.com/2022/03/quick-and-easy-crochet-flower-bookmark.html Here is the Video Tutorial:- You can follow along with this tutorial video. Please be sure to subscribe too!
  17. Hi everyone! Easily crochet this cute and fluffy sheep softie and bring Sheepenstein to life with this beginner friendly tutorial! Read about the tutorial here: https://ohchives.com/sheepenstein-amigurumi/ Sheepenstein Funny Short Film: Watch the full tutorial here: DOn't forget to click on the Subscribe, like or share buttons! Thank you for your support!
  18. Hello 👋🏼 all, I'm a mess! I am never good at finishing projects. I am an abandoned wife (after 38½ years - he filed for divorce the day after our 39th anniversary), so struggling with depression. He was my soulmate, my best friend, my everything, and he stole all that from me, chucked it in the dumpster, set fire to it, and walked away. So if I suddenly get all weird when any touchy subject comes up, think nothing of it. I am 55 years old, nearly 56. I spent 2½ decades as a semi trailer mechanic, before a fall on ice and snow ruined my life. From that point on, apparently I was getting to be too much of an inconvenience, and when I had shoulder surgery that I had trouble recovering from, and then got pneumonia so bad I had to be hospitalized, well... I got really inconvenient. I had barely gotten home from the hospital before he packed his things and left. I was too much of an inconvenience to him. He had just retired (30 years & out early retirement) and had discovered his retirement wasn't what he had dreamed of it being. So, I guess he blamed it on me. He told me he didn't "want to live in my world any more," whatever the ~bleeping bleep~ that's supposed to be. And it's been 16 months, but I still hurt as much as the day he left, and I've never found out when it changed from OUR world to just mine, either. Okay, that's the bad. The good? I have 2 adult sons that are disabled, but both with me and caring and gentlemanly and helpful and all the positives. They're what their dad was before he... lost his marbles, or had his midlife crisis, or whatever this is. The oldest is a pain, as he has the worst kind of bipolar disorder, but he loves me. The younger has fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis, which cause him a.lot of pain, but he keeps going, and tries his best. He can't work, because who wants an employee who randomly will have a fatigue day when they can barely even get out of bed. He hasn't gotten disability, yet, because the US government are bellends, top lefts, whatever you want to call them, where they can't give people what they need. I had to wait 4 years, myself, fighting again and again to get my own disability! So, the younger one doesn't have disability, the oldest has the lowest amount of disability payment each month because he's always had it, since he was (IIRC) 7 years old, and I have disability. With what He Who Shall Not Be Bothered pays on the bills (which ain't much), we haven't starved, yet. What do we do? We like to fish, to camp, we like music of most kinds - I like everything from Mozart and Monteverdi, Handel and Vivaldi, to modern heavy metal (ok, what I learned was heavy metal in 1980 - don't @ me, LOL!) like Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Pantera, to blues like John Lee Hooker, BB King, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Albert King. I like a lot of the stuff in between, in moderation. 😄 My boys like most of what I like, too, though they can't take too much Beethoven and Bach before they get itchy. 😉 I love woodworking, painting (automotive, mural, and just painting wood projects), reusing & repurposing stuff that I want to keep out of the landfill, gardening (nothing tastes better than stuff you grow yourself!), baking, cake decorating (though I don't have as many to bake cakes for, now), and raising my featherbabies - my chickens, guineas, quail, and one grumpy gander. 😀 I want to get turkeys, again, a beautiful breed called Sweetgrass. I had 3 beauties, but they got killed by a predator. 😭 I lost nearly all of my Banty Cochins then, too. I still want to replace them, but am making sure new coops & pens are even more secure than what I thought I had them, before. And, of course, I love to crochet! Otherwise, I wouldn't be here, would I? I have recently learned the Tunisian style, and am doing a 4th Doctor scarf in Tunisian knit stitch. I'm turning an old giant knitted sweater that I got for a single dollar into a reusable bag with a big pocket on each side, and may take apart the rest of it for the yarn out of it. I am getting about 4-5 bucks of yarn out of it, at minimum, plus a big bag! And I have a stitch that my mom taught me back somewhere around the early to mid 1970s that she called a single-and-a-half crochet stitch. It's like nothing else I've seen anywhere. She also taught me a stitch she called a double-and-a-half stitch that I just recently learned is called a half double. But as I hunted and hunted, after that, I found not even a hint of the single-and-a-half stitch! I've seen people say it has to be a slip stitch, but the one she taught me is taller than single, and shorter than a double. Anyway, that's the bad and the good, and I'd say the bad is also the ugly, too. Now, you know me pretty darned good!
  19. #Amigurumi #CrochetPatterns #crochettutorials #birdamigurumi #ValentinesDay ~ This cute and easy crochet bird has heart details on its wings and tail feathers! ~ Makes a great gift idea for Valentine's Day! Birds symbolizes freedom, with their ability to roam the heavens and the earth. You can find the written pattern here 🡺 https://ohchives.com/hearty-birdie-amigurumi/ Watch the tutorial here 🡺https://youtu.be/jII0F3bDkpM
  20. ***PDF PATTERN + VIDEO TUTORIAL*** Create an easy and elegant zippered pouch with this tutorial. The finished product measures 18 cm x 12 cm and has enough room to store your phone and wallet in. The pattern is written in US Crochet Terms. Language: English File Size: 9.51 MB Pages: 4 pages Available here 🡺 https://bit.ly/3shbLp0
  21. Greetings, fellow "hookers"! I just wanted to introduce myself by showing my latest work. It's inspired by the sweater worn by "Molly Weasley". I look forward to meeting people!
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