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Lizards, Turtles, and Dragonflies afghan for grandon


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Finally finished this.  The base is a ripple granny (from Project Linus) of 3 shades of blue, hoping to look like wavy water. 
The lizards and turtles are a pattern designed by Crochetroo (although it's actually a crocodile and not a lizard).  The dragonflies are one of MyPicot's motifs. 
I steam blocked the points to kill the dark blue acrylic into a permanent point at the ends.





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I just had to add thanks for reminding me of Crochetroo.


Thought I'd just check out her latest creations and wound up ordering her set of flower patterns, including a hibiscus. I've made 40 of the 42 different flowers for my current flower block sampler, and for whatever reason got a case of crocheter's block (so to speak!) and couldn't decide which ones to make for the last two. So I'm hoping her hibiscus and frangipani will fill the gaps. I had a hibiscus pattern, but with a little tweaking it turned out better as a poppy. Go figger.


 And, serendipitously, as a bonus, our Aussie friend sent me the most adorable spring bonnet pattern with a sweet little crocheted flower band through which to thread a ribbon. I may have to again postpone those flowers just to try out the bonnet.

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