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  1. Pye


    Welcome from Texas. You have come to the right place to let your crochet side roam free as much as you like.
  2. Mamamiaow, Just curious which Houston burb are you in?
  3. Hi and welcome from another Texan!
  4. Hi from another Texan. Where is White Oak located?
  5. Pye

    brand new

    Hello from Texas. Love the angry birds.
  6. This is pretty, What pattern are you using.
  7. Welcome from another Texan. What part of Texas are you from?
  8. The snowflakes are beautiful. Wish there were snowflake patterns like these available here in US.
  9. Your snowflakes are so pretty. Think I am gonna start on some to use as gifts for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Really cute. Might have to try to make one for a 5" doll.
  11. I love this pattern. I have made 11 Southern Belles and not keep any of them.
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