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  1. Wow, it's gorgeous! Owl, you are amazing to get that all together and edged so quickly, And your design sense is excellent, too; it all looks so well balanced! Haha, I think both the color-corrected and uncorrected color schemes look great! Katie, the last time I was in I didn't see that you got to post - good to hear from you! You had us all worried, you know. I hope things continue to mend smoothly for you!
  2. Better the couch than the dog! I'm working a scarf right now with one 10" and one 13" needle, because the dog ate the other half of each pair. I told her if she eats another one I'm turning her into jerky!
  3. Just dropped two squares off at the post office. I think they said three days for delivery! ????
  4. Ah, I remembered what it was. What's the timeline we'd like to have squares sent to... actually, to owlvamp or Tampa Doll? I'm not clear on if that's been determined yet. So to who, and when?
  5. Sounds like an excellent plan! Count me in for a square or two; I think I still have owl's address in my file but I'll pm if I need to. I'm so glad to hear news, though I wish it had been better (like maybe just a computer melted), though I'm glad it's not worse (hooray for being home!!)! I was going to add something else, but then the dog and cat tore through and deleted my post and the dog kept stealing photos of Little Viking to get my attention, so I'm pretty cranky now.
  6. That is really scary snowbear. I hope he comes out ok. Oh my goodness! She's gotten so big! Just checking in for news... :-/
  7. Afternoon everyone. I keep checking in to see if Katie's posted; I thought it was a little odd that I didn't see a post from her when I was on the other day but I didn't go back any pages so I thought that was it... After reading since then I'm worried now too. If anyone hears from her outside of the forum, you're going to run right here and let us know, right? I hope everything is ok...!
  8. pineknott, I dropped away from posting last year but I'm the same way - I keep this thread in the back of my mind when I'm tempted and it's been a big help with keeping unnecessary purchases down! (It doesn't help that I can't really enter my craft room right now... too full of stuff! ) Don't add me to the list for now because I don't know how often I'll be on to post; just wanted to share that I'm still with you in spirit!
  9. Long time no see, everyone! ^_^ Don't have much time to sit and type anymore, and so reading falls behind as well.... Gosh it's good to see everybody's posts though; doesn't even feel like I've been away that long seeing them.... I wanted to jump on and say belated happy holidays and happy new year, and to give a big thank you to Brenda for the lovely ornament! I was truly touched that you thought of me; thank you so much. We had a huge tree this year (seriously, eight feet wide - I measured - it was great! The dog couldn't fit behind it to chase the cat! ) and the star fit in with the
  10. Got some used up last week, but nothing completed, so for me +0
  11. I'm jumping into the thread now! I managed to finish in the positives last year and my goal for this year is to do it again. ^_^ So I started off by donating some spare bits to the library for a sock puppet project they were doing. I gave up two skeins, and 12 balls (I tried to come up with interesting textures and colors, given the project! ^_^) so that puts me atttt.... +16 wtd That's a great start for me!
  12. I added two more yellow to my packet before mailing it out (so seven yellow total from me) but I didn't get a chance to put the black border on them. I was finishing up at like 11 last night!
  13. Me too. I haven't gotten any extras done because I need to finish the last ends on my first batch still. :-/ Almost there though!
  14. I wasn't able to get my squares out in April, so I'm just going to make some more for May and send them out all at once.
  15. I have 5 yellow squares that I just need to put the black on. If I can get more done before the end of the month I will but I want to make sure I get these out.
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