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Extremely inexpensive cowl


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I made this cowl from a skein of yarn I got at Big Lots for $1.00! Not sure what the yarn is, but I have a feeling it's Bernat Mosaic.


This is for my nephew's girlfriend. I found out yesterday that she would be joining us on Saturday. I didn't want her to be the only one without a gift to open!




I used an H hook and this pattern.


If you have never looked at yarn in Big Lots....do! They have lots of pretty yarn and it's all $1 or $2.


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Super gorgeous, and what a deal all the way around. I need to find a Big Lots with a better crafting section than the Big Lots I usually go to.


Also, thank you for posting the pattern link; I have been looking for a cowl pattern to work with some yarn I bought for my mom, and this might be it.

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