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  1. That's super adorable!! I love it and you did such an amazing job!
  2. I'd also like a name change! I sent you a PM but never heard anything back. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, I was just curious how this turned out for the people who were working on their cerfitication a year or so ago. Do you think it helped you as a teacher? Did you enjoy it or learn anything new? Does anyone know if they're still offering it at FIT? Thanks!
  4. I went into a local yarn shop one day, and they were poking fun at me because I spent so much time looking at patterns. Yes, I have a pattern problem... What's worse, if I'm making something for work (I'm a crochet instructor) and I don't enjoy the pattern, I tend to avoid working on it. But then I feel guilty if I work on anything else, so then I just don't crochet for awhile.. But that doesn't stop me from looking at patterns!
  5. I also just wanted to add I think it's a great idea. I have a local chapter, but I can never attend because of work. I love the idea of teaching classes via video and a chat room!
  6. I teach crochet classes, and I find that a lot of beginners have trouble with Red Heart SS and with Vanna's Choice yarn because it does split for them. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe just still getting used to the stitches, holding the yarn and hook, and tension. I highly recommend cotton because it doesn't split nearly as easily. Also, play around with the different kinds of hooks, (metal, wood, tapered, inline) and find out what you like to work with. Good luck!
  7. Adorable! I love a cute dog in a good sweater :-D
  8. It's very beautiful, and I think that's so super sweet of you to think of your nephew's girlfriend! And who cares if it wasn't expensive? It's beautiful, and the thoughts behind it are amazing and that's what counts!
  9. Didn't realize we had so many in Wisconsin on here! I'm from Wisconsin, too! Gotta love them cheese curds
  10. I saw that pattern and started making it with leftovers around the house, but gave up when it told me to start filling it. It looks great! And that's an adorable picture! Both are just too cute!
  11. Cute! I still need to make my cat some toys, so you're doing better than me! :-D Does your cat like it? Did you put some catnip in it?
  12. Sja, that's great about the scarf! I think cotton is my favorite yarn to work with. I couldn't tell you why, I just love it! Today was definitely a Finish Projects Friday! I finished a hat, a pair of mittens, and a sweater/tunic thing I all had going. The hat is for a class I'll be teaching in September/October, the mittens I only had to finish one thumb. I had started them, and did most of the work probably a year ago, but they got put aside when Christmas came and forgotten. Decided to just finish them! The tunic I finished I had only started recently. It's my first sweater, so i"m pretty excited about that. I even pulled out a purse I had started making for my mom when I first started crocheting. It's probably the third or forth project I ever started, but the sides came out all wonky, so I was kind of embarrassed to finish it. Got over that, and sewed the sides together. Now I just have to finish the lining and sew on the straps. Good grief, I was productive today! I hope to post some pictures this weekend! I blame this thread for getting me started on all those old projects!
  13. I've never done a fair, and I believe our fair is this weekend, so I won't be able to join in. But I"ve been really curious about doing one, but I know absolutely nothing about it! Do you have to design your own project or can you use a pattern? Do you need permission to use the pattern? I'd really like to do one next year! Looking forward to seeing what everyone does for their fairs and how they do! Good luck everyone!
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