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    Mommy to 6 perfect kids... Grandma to 8 beautiful babies and wife to one wonderful man!
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    crafts... crafts... and more crafts! I love Crocheting and Knitting... they are most relaxing.
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    Oh goodness... Gifts!
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    My Aunt taught me when I was about 6-7 yrs old.

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  1. Good Morning everyone..... hope this day finds you well! Have some errands to run... then home to work on my flower seed business... then relax with my hook and yarn! Its going to be a hot one today... already 80* here. So indoors it is for this old lady! have a great day!!!!
  2. That is so cool! LOVE IT!​ Thank you!!! It feels good to be here! Missed you guys a lot!!!
  3. Thank you so much honey!!!! yeah..... Cancer SUCKS (((hugs)))
  4. ❄ ❄ ☕ ~ Good afternoon House! Finally getting a chance to really sit and surf the 'ville! Look at how busy you all are!!! My goodness! You all are the best! I love reading all your awesome posts of such love and support of each other here! This is the best group!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!!???? I've been busy working on crochet orders and gifts! In between spending time with my mom and getting Vehicles fixed! One of my dear friends is a huge Broncos fan! So .... This was her birthday gift from me! Taking these two pictures outside made the oran
  5. ⛅ ☕~ Hi Ho everyone ...... Just poppin' in to say HI! ???? I'll catch up with you all later......I'm spending the day with my mom again! Its been awesome hanging out with her! We've been exercising and eating better together....and I feel better! Wish it would help my headaches! ???? Have a great day! ???? ☕
  6. ☕???? Good Morning House...... It's really windy this morning.....ooooooh don't want to go out in it today....but I'm off to my moms today to exercise and visit! I'll be taking my crochet with me! ???? I have an order for 3 slouchy hats to get done this week! One is done ... One is 1/2 done. Then a cousin of mine asked so very nicely for a Minion hat....so I'll make that real quick too! I need to spend some time on this knitted scarf too....a friend bought me the pattern and is paying me to make it! ???? Well..... Off to get things ready to go! Have a fabulous day! Catch you all l
  7. ???? ☕~ Good evening House..... Well..... It was a busy day of crocheting for me! I did get chores done with the help of my boys and laundry down to 2 loads then it will be all done.... And the kitchen cleaned! Here are the two Comfort'ghans I made for the families of the the girls that were killed in a car accident before Christmas! This one has been delivered..... This one will be delivered this week...... This is a dishcloth set I made my mom today....... This is an iPad tote that I made myself today...... And here is the silliest...easiest hook ho
  8. Oh man .... Be careful if you decide to go into work! 6-10 inches.....yuck! Geez....12? Omy!Stay warm! Good grief...12 hours...you poor thing!Hope you sleep good tonight! Wow!! That's crazy about that poor man!Oooooh....sounds like you're moving right along on that blanket! What colors are you using? ???? ☕
  9. .:: Evening House......................... Well........... I slipped away again............ sheeeesh! sorry! I get so caught up in things around here! And of course its been a bit busy with things going on at the High School. There was a "Pink Out" Basketball game Memorial night on Thursday that we all went to. There were T-Shirts sold all week for anyone that wanted to wear them for the game. This is what the halls looked like at school on Thursday................. This the Jr. class.... one of the girls was a Jr. This is some of the Sr class.... the other girl was a Sr.
  10. ~ Good Morning House................ Hope all is well with everyone this bright and early morning! Thank you all so much for all the love ... support and prayers you continue to give me and my family! I am still very sad about leaving my job... as I miss the kids so much and some of the adult friends I had made.... but I'm much less stressed now and can enjoy my days! My son Michael is holding his own! His protein levels are good... but could be better! So we continue to watch what he eats and make sure he drinks lots of water and we just keep praying!!! Oh Judy.... Bless your heart
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