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:) Another New Member (Western Australian)

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Hello everyone :) I'm Megan, I'm born and raised in Western Australia. I get the feeling it's going to be nice to get to know some people here that share a great hobby.


I learnt some crochet basics a few years ago mostly by experimenting. I started making hats and a few scarfs. I find crochet very natural for me (not so much knitting which I struggle a bit with.. so many live stitches).


For the past 3-4 months I have been crocheting from patterns, making some time for it almost daily. I find it very helpful for my anxiety issues and would love to speak to anyone else who uses crochet as a theraputic tool for mental issues.


I'm most of the way through my first afghan (Christmas present for Mum) annnnd yeah, I think that should do it for now..


-Megan :)

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Hello! Welcome to the 'ville. I too use crochet as therapy. It's one of the only things that can give me peace these days. I also know there are people on this forum who have used it to help them stop smoking. Glad you came to join us! I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Haha, I am also stopping smoking right now! 3 days free :)


Also, im sorry you had to spend so long in hospital :( At least some treasures came out of your stay.



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