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    I have many fids (furry/feathered kids), a wonderful counterpart (boyfriend), a part time job, and full time college classes. I'm generally a good student I think, I love to read and crochet, my favorite colors are black and red, and I'm a huge nerd (in case you hadn't guessed already (: ). Oh! And I love this forum.
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    Southwest U.S.
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading, crocheting of course, gaming, eating.
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    I love afghans. Someday i want everyone close to me to have one
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    since 2008 or 2009 I think
  1. Hey again Sue! I'm not the expert on these more technical aspects of crocheting, but I'm gonna give it a stab. When you measure the piece is it bigger or smaller than what the gauge notes say? If your gauge is smaller then you could try using a one size bigger hook. For example: if it calls for a G hook and your piece is measuring smaller than it says then you could try an H hook or maybe an I hook. If your piece is bigger then you could try a smaller hook like instead of the G hook maybe an F. Hope that makes sense! I know a crochet savvy person will come along soon and help more than I ever could so hang in there and all will be made clear. Good luck!
  2. I love it! I think it's got a lot of character- especially for a first project. And your stitches look well-formed. Good for you for going off the beaten path with no pattern!
  3. Welcome, Sue! I like coffee too but I never do what I think of as fancy coffee. I am sure you will find other coffee enthusiasts here as well. I hope you find lots of help here on the 'ville!
  4. Oh Michele my heart goes out to you! I have to tell you that I was picked on for my clothes when I was younger.... My mom got upset one day when I was complaining about my clothes and she made me listen to that old country song about a coat of many colors. I know that doesn't matter in the scheme of your story. All I can say is that it won't always be this way. Take care
  5. Wonderful creation! Its gonna make an amazing gift. What pattern did you use?
  6. Wonderful way to calculate prices! Love it
  7. Oh! I have noticed this too many times including the other day. Half of the RHSS at my local Walmart is very.... Rough? And it's all the colors I often wanna use too! I never thought about dyes being to blame until now.
  8. I gotta say I'm the kind of crocheter who carries along a project to get a few stitches here and there. However, my fantasy is this: Get up early in the morning, grab my coffee, jump back in bed and spend an hour or so just crocheting away. Even weekdays! I've gotten to do this only once on a Saturday, but I LOVED it. I'm not a morning person in any way, so I doubt this will ever really come true.
  9. I know this may not be a very common technique for people to use, but I need help. It has more to do with the yarn anyway. I've decided my favorite pattern/technique in crochet is Entrelac. However, I've noticed that the product is somewhat stiff- especially with RHSS. Any suggestions on a yarn that does well with this technique: has good drape and feels fairly soft? I can't get on an entrelac afghan any time soon, but someday soonish I will. Thanks for all the advice in advance!
  10. I regret never getting the chance to have my ex's mom teach me! She was amazing and a lot of my inspiration to learn came from her. (For the record the crochet teaching thing happened way before he and I started dating. We actually got together after she passed away). I really love all of the things she did with crochet. I even have a small piece of her work tucked away!
  11. Welcome Lori! I think I get what you're asking and here's my advice: most individuals will have a note somewhere with their free patterns with rules on what you can do. I'm not sure about big sites like CPC though. If there isn't a note it would be a good idea to ask individual and big sites and I would just ask them if you can post links to their free patterns in general- not each pattern per say. I know this might seem tedious, but it really is the best way to go about it without getting into trouble. Thank you for doing this!
  12. Can make your own yarn? I've been toying with the idea of spinning yarn. However, I've got obstacles like no money and lack of time. I've watched what I could and read about it off and on.... My plan is dirt cheap: gonna rig up my own drop spindle and use whatever fiber I can get for free (mostly means dog hair). I'll have to wait for things to get better though. I just think that learning how our medium (yarn) is made and where it comes from will bring me closer to the craft. There is something so primitive and wonderful about handspinning. I really like the idea. I feel a little guilty though because maybe I should learn to be better at crocheting itself before taking on a new challenge like this. Also, do you think some of the dog groomers here locally would give me their clippings? I'm sure they just throw them away or something... Maybe they'd have to get permission from the owners first. Thanks for reading!
  13. Hey this is the last giveaway for me I think. Need to close my eyes due to a huge headache. I'll wait and see the results then I'm gone. Thanks all for helpin me have such a wonderful ILY Day! I hope you guys had fun too. HAPPY ILY DAY EVERYONE! Good night. Thanks again, Amy!
  14. Wow. I had to leave for a bit and a lot has happened since I left! Lol. My favorite pattern so far would have to be the crochet entrelac pattern on YouTube for an afghan. I just LOVE that technique. Someday I'm gonna have the perdiest pair of entrelac socks in red and black! Never used any hook besides Boye....
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