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Cat bed


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I used the pattern at CrochetKitten.com to make a cuddle bed for my cat to test out the pattern. I had some bulky yard hanging around that I think had been my grandmothers, so instead of using three strands of WW, I used two of the bulky. It was tough going a bit, but it came out nicely, and Bertie loves it! My husband thought I was a bit nutty and that she wouldn't like it at all, but she's in in at least once a day.


I ran out of the bulky yarn and just ended it when I did. I would like to make one with the three strands of WW to see how that comes out and make one with taller sides. I think I'll just use my own best judgment as I do it, though, instead of alternating rounds like the directions say - I just couldn't remember which round I was on, and kept having to go back and redo! lol.


Here's Bertie in her little bed.


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Sweet cat, cute cat bed! I should do this for Miss Minnie - it might help to contain the worst of the cat hair? ;)

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