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    Afghans! Who knows why!
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  1. Beautiful, and so interesting to look at!
  2. Love those colors! Been wanting to try one of these, too.
  3. Oh, sooooo cute! You are so talented, Darski!
  4. I'm down a bit south of Springfield. Anyone been to the Abe museum?
  5. On Bella Crochet, there is a crocheted Goddess that looks fairly easy and fun and it has accessories for the seasons. Your friend may like this, if she's into displaying stuff like this. HTH Oops - same one listed above at medidit! Thought I had something new! Sorry!
  6. WHAT? There really isn't a Betty Crocker? Say it ain't so! (just kidding!) I am disappointed re: Susan Bates. I thought when I found the Home Ec article it meant there was really someone behind the name.
  7. I'm bored and waiting for dh to get home, so I googled her. The history of Coats and Clark comes up and doesn't tell anything about her. Another link led me to an article in the 'Home Economist' , September l928 written by Susan L. Bates, Consumer Consultant, New Uses Section, The Cotton Textiles Institute, Inc. When I googled The CT Institute, I couldn't get a history, just stuff on law suits and strikes - maybe they were the reason people sang, "Look for the union label'? LOL Interesting, I'm hooked now! On to 'Aunt Lydia' - what did she do beside rugs?
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