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    Afghans! Who knows why!
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  1. Beautiful, and so interesting to look at!
  2. Love those colors! Been wanting to try one of these, too.
  3. I don't keep any of my afghans! I always think I should make one for my house, but I never do. I do have a couple that were made for me and I store them in the window seat bench, with some other seasonal throws. Before I had the window seat, I used an old trunk, which doubled as an end table.
  4. Thank you! I went on site and couldn't find a link to just look at the catalog. Thank you very much! Edited to add: It was the Cafe Coat! I was right!
  5. A lady I work for:grandma showed me her catalog, asked me if I could print the free pattern they were showing in it from the website. It was a jacket, but the name had 'coat' in it (clear as mud,huh?) and I THINK it was featured in Vanna yarn. I'm pretty sure it was 'car coat'. I didn't write it down and the catalog got recycled a few minutes later. On the website, I have it narrowed down to 2 patterns - one is done in Vanna yarn, the other isn't. Now I'm thinking - maybe they just showed the pattern in Vanna for the catalog? If you have the catalog handy, would you check to see what jackets/coats they have shown in there that are free? (I hope not a lot!) Thanks.
  6. Okay, the real pet peeve of mine is crocheted "objects" - like a pancake or a hammer. Why? Why? Okay, maybe as toys, but there is just too many 'objects' to all be toys. Does someone wake up in the AM and say, "Wow, I MUST crochet a fried egg!" And my apologies to everyone who does - I realize this is a personal thing, and even if I don't like it, you are sure as heck doing better than me if you can make ANYTHING without a pattern.
  7. Oh, thank you, thank you! When will I learn to just 'save' or 'print'? LOL "Oh, I'll remember where it is!" Nooooo. Really want to make this one, thanks again!
  8. A couple weeks ago, I received a crochet newsletter and the free pattern or link to a pattern on site was a blue and white afghan. It was done in panels and the white panels had kind of swirls going up the panel, almost like a doily pattern. Anyone else see this and where was it? TIA
  9. Beautiful! You have waaaaaay more patience than I do. Lucky friend!
  10. WOW! That is one beautiful doily! Love those colors.
  11. What is going on at Annie's Attic? No free pattern today or else I can't find it. Have they discontinued the free daily pattern or is this just a glitch?
  12. Oh, I'm just about to start my first one. You've given me hope! Great job.
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