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    hats, scarves, lapghans
  1. embee

    Cloud no.9 Shawl

    Gosh that is pretty!
  2. embee

    Mom's Basket

    Very nice basket! The instructions you give are the ones I've used for making many flat round mats and bag bases. The marker yarn is a good trick too. I'm considering a bag or basket for plastic magnetic letters for the grandbaby - so we can store those things somewhere besides the front of my fridge!
  3. embee

    Simple Doily

    Well, that's pretty! Thread is so different. I have done a few things, but most were not very satisfactory. But some people love it and are able to work so well with it. Wish I had that skill, but ... not in this life!
  4. *I* am very impressed. Not only are they useful, they are attractive, they are made with love. What's not to like! For sure boucle yarn is awful to frog, both knit and crochet, fuzzy boucle is worse. Better be careful and do it just right the first time.
  5. embee

    A butterfly blanket I made in 2015

    Very clever. My daughter-in-law would love it.
  6. embee

    My New Finshed Blanket!

    Looks good to me! Cheerful and bright. Happy colors.
  7. embee

    Bunny easter basket

    That's very cute. I was thinking about making some sort of Easter basket thing, but never got to it. Lazy me!
  8. embee

    A Dragon Scarf for a Friend

    This post is really late, but I do want to say: this is wonderful!
  9. embee

    Ruffled boot topper

    That is very cute! And it shoudl stay in place nicely with all that ruffle.
  10. embee

    Yoga socks

    Thanks for posting the picture, these may be exactly what I need - I'm wanting legwarmers for night/bed - for an old person... and I don't want them to "ride up". I can probably make them taller and they'll work a treat.
  11. embee

    "Victoria" in hand-dyed yarn

    Very pretty! Looks so feminine too.
  12. embee

    Elder Care “Warm Shoulders” Capelet

    This is an excellent idea! Thanks for posting the link to the pattern and for showing all your wonderful variations, bet they're very popular. Are they given to men as well? I'd think camo would be the very thing, but could be way off base with that.
  13. embee

    200 Scarf

    Really? You had tails? I use the tails as part of the fringe. I hate weaving in!
  14. embee

    Christening Outfit

    That's just beautiful and will be an heirloom! Takes a lot of skill to make something like that.
  15. embee

    my "frill"

    Wow, that's a pretty thing. Never saw anything like it, and may have to try making one. You did great with the colors.