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  1. That square one is so clever, if it's the one I think it is. I've made it and was quite surprised that it turned out the way they said it would, I was sure it would be a mess. :)
  2. embee


    Stunning, just stunning! Lovely pattern. :)
  3. embee

    Dragon lamp

    Oooh, what a tremendous amount of work that is! Very nice. :)
  4. Good work there! Very attractive. Hope it saves the rest of your piano bench upholstery!
  5. embee

    Heirloom Afghans

    That's a huge amount of work. I don't care for piecing squares together either, and have avoided that ever since I did one afghan many years (decades!) ago. You did a good job and how lucky that all the yarn came to you... what do you think would have happened if it had gone to one of your sisters? ;)
  6. Scrap yarn ghans for *animal shelters*? Wow, I never thought of that. I could do it too. At last I could use up some of the smaller leftovers. Great idea... :)
  7. Very attractive! I'm not sure my stash could yield anything so nice. :)
  8. Gosh that is pretty!
  9. Very nice basket! The instructions you give are the ones I've used for making many flat round mats and bag bases. The marker yarn is a good trick too. I'm considering a bag or basket for plastic magnetic letters for the grandbaby - so we can store those things somewhere besides the front of my fridge!
  10. *I* am very impressed. Not only are they useful, they are attractive, they are made with love. What's not to like! For sure boucle yarn is awful to frog, both knit and crochet, fuzzy boucle is worse. Better be careful and do it just right the first time.
  11. Looks good to me! Cheerful and bright. Happy colors.
  12. My MIL taught me - I was in my late 20s. She was a very craft and art oriented person and she was happy to share her expertise.
  13. I just saw this thread! I'm in Buncombe County, up near Asheville. I see one person here who I already have met in Real Life, way before I joined C'ville!
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