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Outfit for me/Outfit for DD's


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Latest outfits for my daughter's Tinkerbell dress



Front both my girls


2567921426_5db6874151_m.jpg2567106877_0c5b720271_m.jpg Back



Now my outfit








There you have it my latest sewn projects. My capris and shirt. No pattern for the capris. Pattern Simplicity 4277 was done for the shirt.:)


So whatcha all think?


Thanks for looking, have a great weekend.:)

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Thanks ladies,

Sandi I try to make extra money from time to time sewing and crocheting for others. Mainly doing the summer I make more money due to a lot of people wanting tube tops, halter top or those baby doll dresses. So I try to get some business from time to time.


Thanks ladies. Now working on more outfits for me for the summer:)

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Very nice! Your skills are waaay beyond mine...(Every few years I get the itch...2 summers ago I bought some fabric to make a summer dress...still folded in a box/corner somewhere...I think I need to find someone for hire.:blush)

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