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    Donna Collinsworth
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    I've been designing crochet patterns for over 15 years. I love crochet but will tackle most crafts.
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    Thrift Store Shopping
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    Crochet pattern designer
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    20 years
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  1. Donna's crochet Designs

    Tassel Doll Free Pattern

    I always wondered what to do with the head and hand sets you find at craft stores and finally I came up with this: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5614334/tassel_doll_crochet_pattern.html?cat=24 I also designed a simple, glue together display stand for the doll.
  2. Donna's crochet Designs

    Flower Fairy Pick Free Pattern

    Here is one of my latest free patterns: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5614310/flower_fairy_crochet_pattern.html?cat=24 I called it Flower Fairy, I think you can see why. I hope you like it. It was designed to be an added touch to bouquets or houseplants but works just as well as an ornament, package decoration or an added little something to go along with a gift card.
  3. Donna's crochet Designs

    Beaded Snowflake

    I love the addition of the beads!
  4. Donna's crochet Designs

    washing your afghan

    I agree, just pop it into the washer and then gently cycle to dry. Unless you used a speciality yarn, then I would look at the lable for instructions. I know what you mean about the dog, if mine just lays on an afghan it smells as if he's been on it a week. Guess thats what I get having a hound dog--that awful hound dog smell! Hope this works for you!
  5. Donna's crochet Designs

    Panda Wrist Purse

    This cute little purse only take one skein of each color of boa yarn! I hope you enjoy it. It's the last of 3 wrist purses I did using boa yarn.
  6. Donna's crochet Designs

    Two New Plastic Spring Patterns to share!

    Two new plastic spring patterns to share: Snail with pom-pom eyes an plastic spring shell and a wonderful sheep dog. Instead of all the floppy hair, the sheep dog has springs for its hair. Come take a look!
  7. Donna's crochet Designs

    Free Flower Wrist Purse Pattern

    Here is my latest free pattern: http://tutorials.donnascrochetdesigns.com/free-crochet-pattern-flower-wrist-purse.html It's fast and easy to make, plus it only take one skein of each color!
  8. Donna's crochet Designs

    Chocolate Bunny Set

    Yum, chocolate.... Cute set!
  9. Donna's crochet Designs

    Doily for mother

    Lovely and my favorite color!
  10. Donna's crochet Designs

    touch of spring and pineapple and snow flakes

    They are both beautiful!
  11. Donna's crochet Designs

    Quick & Easy Shoulderette

    Great shawl. How much did you have to bribe him?
  12. Donna's crochet Designs

    hello all

    Hello and Welcome!
  13. Donna's crochet Designs

    Hey Hey new from new mexico!!

    Hello and Welcome from Ohio!
  14. Donna's crochet Designs

    Hello to Everyone

    Hello and Welcome from Ohio!
  15. Donna's crochet Designs

    Hello I am a newbie

    Hello and Welcome from Ohio! Have you tried crochet pattern central?