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Nothing Goes Together!


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I haven't crocheted for years, but I've kept my stash the whole time. I just couldn't bring myself to donate it. But now that I"m crocheting again, NONE of the yarn that I have coordinates well enough to USE in a WIP.


I joined the 63 Squares CAL, and I don't even have three colors that go well enough together to use. Arrrgh! :angry I also want to do the state squares, but again, don't have colors that go together.


I must have been on a green kick...or else I quit buying around Christmas time. All I have is 2 RH pounders in a dark evergreen, and one in a dark red and another in a bright red. Plus, I have several skeins of RH dark spruce , and mint. The greens are different enough that they don't go well enough together even to make a monochromatic project.


And this is just the RH stuff! I have several balls of woolease that I have no idea what to make, plus various partially used skeins that don't go with the full skeins in my stash.


I wish someone could come to my house, look at my stash and tell me what goes together and what project to use it for! I'm trying really hard not to buy any yarn, because I technically have enough for several WIPs.....but they don't match!


Edited to add:

Ack! I fogot about the bernat pounders that don't go with the rest of the stash either. I think I WILL post pictures to see what you guys suggest!


The projects I want to do are the 63 squares afghan, the state squares, some of woveandspuns letter pillows and the little star afghan. The only problem I have with making hats and scarves is that we, and most of our family, live in the south where there's only about 1 month of cold weather all winter. lol...

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Maybe if you post some pictures, someone might be able to help you. You could always stick with small stuff like hats, scarfs, gloves. What about a granny square afghan and border the squares in a white or black? Or one of the star afghans in the green, maybe separate them with white?

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Someone suggested in another thread to go to the paint store or paint department and get the coordinating color cards (they're free). They would give you a good idea of what colors would mix together to make a dramatic or fun effect.

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May I also suggest using your "old" stash for charity, like hats for homeless people or something along those lines, then renewing your stash with new colors and yarn?

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May I also suggest using your "old" stash for charity, like hats for homeless people or something along those lines, then renewing your stash with new colors and yarn?

Just what I was going to suggest. You can do blankets to donate for newborns under state assistance, preemies, project linus, there's the blankey brigade here, blankets for animals in shelters ... the list is endless.

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Okay, here are some photos of what I have to work with. I didn't include the single skeins of one color, or partially used skeins. I already donated about 50-75 skeins for charities, and this is what's left over for me to work with.


These are clickable photos, if you need a closer look. I put the number of skeins on the photo. Ooops! I forgot to add the RH pounders! Just imagine another pic showing 2 evergreen and 1 dark cherry pounder.



I love the T&Q but have no idea what to make with it.



See...these two green CLASH big time. And they don't go with the evergreen color I have either.



Again...this doesn't go with any other colors in my stash.



The one on top is an olive green.


As I said in my earlier post, I'm trying to do the 63 squares and state squares out of my stash. But I don't think ANY of these colors go together at all. Maybe I should trade some of them? And what can I make with just one skein (or pound skein) of one color? How many skeins does it take on average for the alphabet pillows?


Edited to say:

I just wanted to clarify that I'm trying to find a way to use my stash instead of buying more. If money wasn't an issue, I'd run right out and buy some lovely yarn right now. :manyheart

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You know...you could just go buy a bunch of another neutral color (tan, white or black) and use all the worsted you have with the same neutral color on the outside of the squares. It would all go together in one afghan that way. Like people do with the various color flowers/rosette on the inside and black on the outside and for square connecting. Like the afghan on the Roseanne show that is always on her sofa. We had one too when I was a child, until we loved it to death.:devil

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1.You can make lots of hats, scarfs, and mittens to donate this fall.


2. Child or baby sized blankets, again to donate.


3. If you carry two that are close, together when you crochet, it kind of forces them to match.


Or if you carry a base color, like black or white or gray, with a color, then the next color, it also kind of forces them to match and blend.


By doing one of the either of the above, you make afghans, or rugs.


4. Granny square afghans. Using close colors like the blues and reds, or the greens and make solid squares rather than double or tri colored ones; then piece together with black.


5. Ripple, shell, striped afghan with every other strip being black (or white or beige); again using like colors.


6. Buy varigated yarn that has same or similar colors to what you have to piece together or stripe. RH Fiesta is a good start to look at.


7. Pet blankets or beds, they're small and might use a whole skien or less.


8. Doll blankets, pillows, and outfits. Donate, give as gifts.


9. Pot holders, placemats, scrubbies, towel toppers, fridgies, plastic bag holders, coasters, drink cozies, cell phone cozies, tons of lip balm cozies, eye glass cases, change purse, etc.


10. Small purses, bags, totes for you or friends.


11. Chair pads, especially for outside chairs.


12. Throw pillows.


13. Stuffed animals.


14. Tons of scrunchies. Donate, give away as gifts, keep some.


15. Little girl ponchos for this fall.


16. Squares for exchanges, someone else might have stuff to match that gets your squares.


17. Treasure or crayon bags for children.


18. Slippers for everone.


19. Remote control holders, cozies.


20. Shawls, some don't take much yarn.


Tons more ideas here:



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Here is a gorgious pillow pattern you might can use them on.




I like it without the tassels better.


P.S. When I found that pattern for the states and posted it, I had no idea that folks would like it as much as they have, but I am glad that you guys liked it. I thought that it was a kinda neat pattern. The folks that are posting at that thread are wanting to get up a swap kinda thing going with their states. Stop by and check it out, maybe we all could get together and do a fun thing together with them. If you all got any ideas, please post them there. I got a thought. Am going to send you a PM Kari with an idea that I got and see what you think.

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Maybe you can find someone to trade yarns with!

I know I have a few colors that I liked initially & then got it home and... eh, not so much! :blush


Other than that-

alot of the other suggestions (sans buying more - I think we've all been there! DH likes that I can be happy w/ $5 week to support my habit vs. $20+ week I would spend on my vintage Cabbage Patch Kids, but I digress)


If you're wanting to mnake something for gifts (not charity), I really think Shawls & Hats are perfect. You can make sets for little ones.


Good Luck! I'd love to hear what you decide to make

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