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  1. a great pattern after my oh-so-frugal heart! Thanks for sharing!
  2. These look GREAT! Collecting slipper patterns with the cold coming!
  3. The link to the blog is working, just not the link for the pattern. You did a great job, btw!
  4. I received a beautiful scarf today from Mindy!! It's perfect for fall ;-) Thanks so much!
  5. I sent my package to Mindy yesterday! I can't wait for you to receive it!! Thanks.
  6. I hate that I missed the signups for this one! I can't wait to see what everyone makes, tho!
  7. Can I just say, I am *loving* seeing what everyone else has been getting! I've seen a few bags that look like they were made with the same pattern my partner used on my bag, and they all look so great! This swap has been great for inspiration - and WIM list padding!
  8. I got my package from Zeta yesterday! :cheer:cheer The bag is *so* cute - I love the colors - and I've never seen a crochet bag lined before, so this was an extra treat - you did a GREAT job! I used my bag to carry my Bible, songbook and notebook today! Perfect size! Also included, was a box of Twinnings tea, (my fave! ) a washcloth, scrubbie, skein of yarn, a doily, and a cute:2blush little bear in a pink variegated thread crocheted outfit! I actually had to fight my oldest DD for the bear. Everything is wonderful, and I'm so appreciative! Zeta - you've been a great swap partner, and I hope we get to swap again sometime!
  9. I paid shipping online - after a series of errors with the Post Office website! I've emailed the DC # to Juli -and am sending it to my partner, too! This has been a hectic month, but I'm so glad I was able to participate!
  10. one word, huh... how about DONE!?!! I just finished my bag - now I'm gathering goodies!!!
  11. Whew - the guilt lifted right off me! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
  12. Ooh - this is exciting! I'd love to participate - off to complete my survey!
  13. I had posted receiving my package back on the 18th, but it was apparently lost in cyberspace! I LOVE my swap partner - Melanie totally spoiled me! First off - she made me two scarves! One is made with Bamboo Naturals, which I've never even seen before, so that's a double treat to me! Both scarves are earthy colors! She even included some bamboo, so I can play! She included items for my children - a hook case for my crocheting teenagers, and crayons with coloring books for my daughters! Candy, too - which I suppose was for my kids, but I have a big sweet tooth, so... ;-) Anyway - I also received a size 7 hook! It came with a non-allergic crocheted kitty - Oh, so cute. To tantalize my scrapbooking side, she included papers and embellishments. I love the tea she sent, as well! I know I'm leaving stuff off... Oh - the BESTEST best part - she HAND WROTE me a letter! It's been ages since I'd received a hand-written letter, so I truly treasure that! I enjoyed this swap so much, and feel like I've made a new friend - even if she doesn't watch Corner Gas ;-)
  14. I'm not sure if everyone watches this show, but it comes on WGN in the states! Anyway, one of the main characters is constantly shown either knitting or crocheting, and there are crocheted afghans draped on the backs of her couch and chair!:clap
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