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FO - "Martha's Best Friend" dog Poncho


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After struggling with this pattern all afternoon, I finally finished this poncho that I've made for Etheline, my daughter Beth's pug. If you all knew my oldest daughter, you would understand why her pug MUST have a Martha poncho.


The pattern is from the LionBrand site and I must confess that I kinda winged it on the last two rows. It was giving me fits and so I made an executive decision which I think looks pret-ty nice.


Here is the poncho, modeled by Nora, my own little Puglet, who was not too happy providing the fashion show.


Oh, and can I say that the Homespun was HORRIBLE to crochet with? UGH!








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That's really a great effort. A Martha poncho for a pug! It looks just like the original. And I hear you about the Homespun...

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LOL! That's great! :manyheart I made one for my grandmother's chihuahua a few years ago. The dog actually likes to wear it, but she's so short that even the smallest size is too long for her. Oh well, it was more of a joke anyway since my grandma made the same poncho for me and then sent me the leftover yarn. It's too bad I'm not a poncho person... It's just been sitting in the closet. :blush


If you're interested, you can see my grandma's puppy's poncho here.


And your little one is ADORABLE! I just want to :hug her!

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