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  1. Beautiful! I treasure all of the things my grandmother has made for me as well. She passed on her love of crafting and to me that was the greatest gift of all.
  2. I enjoy going to my Grandmother's house and seeing the afghan I crocheted for her and my Grandfather draped over the couch. She was the one who first taught me to crochet when I was about 10 years old. I love hearing the comments I get when my kids wear hats I have crocheted for them. Almost every time I am out someone stops me to comment on their hats. I am almost embarrassed to say that they each have a collection, lol. As someone who has lost a child, this is the greatest compliment someone can give you. The ONLY way I was able to let my daughter go was because I knew she was surrounded by my love (I had made her entire outfit). And even if I had not made her outfit I would have wanted her wrapped in something handmade. The idea that each stitch was placed with love made my heart just a little less heavy.
  3. I like to "rescue" hamdmade items too. They found a good home with you!
  4. Beautiful! I think I have posted in the past but I can't remember. I want to say that I think it is really nice what you are doing. My second dd was stillborn in 2007 and I remember it meant so very much to me when someone did anything in her memory. Lots of folks remember the babies that live, but not many remember the ones that don't make it. Thank you for remembering.
  5. Great job! I've thought of making one like that but haven't tried it yet.
  6. Oh my, what a wonderful story! And I love that Toy Society blog. I bookmarked it so I can go back when I am feeling down. Kind of like a "see, there are nice people in the world" pick-me-up.
  7. I used this pattern. I did remove one of the pattern rows because it was a little too big on my 2 week old. However, once I did that it fit perfectly. This is going to become my go-to baby hat pattern, so cute!
  8. Very beautiful!!! Love the pineapples.
  9. Sorry, I forgot to check this thread again so it's been a while. So for anyone curious as to the pattern I used here's the links! http://www.luv2crochet.com/skullcappattern.html (the actual hat) http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi?store=/stores/eyarn&faqKey=492&language= (flower)
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