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    A medical transcriptionist and mother of 2 who loves spinning, crochet, and knitting.
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    South Dakota
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    crochet, knitting, spinning, dying, collage.
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    Medical Transcriptionist
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    Shawls, afghans, sweaters, and hats
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    23 years
  1. Super Cute! It's my ever expanding "queue"! Thanks so much for the pattern!
  2. Thos are amazing! Love the floral embellishments.. way to go!
  3. Wonderful belly dance belts! Cherrypicker -- you are too cool for words! I love to belly dance at home with my Luscious and Love Potion DVDs! I think I need to crochet some BD accessories though! Thanks for the inspiration! Great job~
  4. Nice bag Nicole! Way to up-cycle that T-shirt, too. Thanks for posting the pattern. I've been wanting to try the FBB, but the LAST thing I need is another crochet book.
  5. That's really pretty! I don't think it's too busy, either. Love these little neckwarmers I'm seeing. I'll have to try my hand at one. Thanks for sharing!
  6. That's pretty, Roli! Thanks for posting the pattern. Your blog is fun, too.
  7. That's gorgeous. I lost my mojo, too, and nothing I was making seemed to be turning out right, so I'm making a scarf too. Perfect for getting that mojo back!
  8. I did, I did! I was gone this weekend, but it was here when I got home. Thanks so much! (just PM'd you, too). Tracey made me a groovy shawl with pockets, a hood and a neat mitered back with contrasting sides and edging. So cool! I also received a little lacy collar and package of fancy dog treats for Sparks and Duke. Thanks again Tracey, Love Everything! I'm glad you received your shawl. Hope you get to feeling better! I will attempt to post pics tonight after work.
  9. Tracey, As you know I mailed your package. I meant to send a little card explaining what patterns and yarn I used, but guess what? It's sitting on my dining room table! That's the way I roll, I guess. Anyway, I'll let you know all the details after you get it, okay?
  10. What a pretty shawl Tris4crochet. What pattern did you use?
  11. That turned out wonderfully! The handles look terrific. Isn't Batik wonderful? I have lots in my stash too.
  12. That is one of the most beautiful crocheted bags I've seen! I'm simply ga-ga over it! Wonderful Wonderful!
  13. Wow Tracey, you have a lot on your plate, lady. We are kindered spirits, though because just 2 weeks ago we had to move my mom into a nursing home from assisted living. There is a lot of guilt involved, but we know it has to be. At first she said she really liked it, but now she calls me daily and tells me she doesn't like it there.. What can we do? Then she asked me what events led up to her being moved there, she didn't remember..... It's sad. My thoughts are with you and your husband. Love, Kim
  14. :applause :drool:drool:drool:drool :nworthy:nworthy :bheart:bheart:bheart
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