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    happily married to the man of my dreams, 5 kids
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    crochet, cross-stitching, movies
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    Doilies at the moment
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  1. Hey, you did a fantastic job. Yes its supposed to curve like that! Beautiful!
  2. Nice color. It looks good on too. Very pretty!
  3. Yeah, I do more than one project at the same time, to keep my mind interested! Just an afghan would drive me crazy if not for my other projects I can do in between!
  4. Those are so pretty!! I love the multi colored one the most, they are all lovely though. I made one of these also, and think they are awesome.
  5. inmy7thhvn

    Panda Bear

    Awwwe, he is adorable. Very good job. Sweet
  6. I don't know if anyone mentioned this idea, but I've started wearing a nude or flesh colored bra under my crocheted tops, that way its not obvious at all (no white or black sticking out). And usually I do a half double crochet, that has less holes
  7. Pretty! WOW- 7 scarves in a week.. awesome.
  8. Lovely. I like the 'woven look'!
  9. Sweet! The beads make them so cute.
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