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  1. Wow that is very pretty:manyheart I'm making snowflakes to put in my Christmas cards this year. I just finished making this one and it turned out really nice http://members.aol.com/SAG55/trcsnow.html It's alot easier than it looks
  2. Here's the promised pics of the beautiful bookmarks and snowflakes that Karen (Krakovianka) made for me. The first one on the left is tatted, isn't it gorgeous??? the next one is crochet, but lookes tatted. The last one is my favorite, its made with crochet thread and sewing thread held together. Karen made a card that has pockets to keep them in when not in use. She also included a crochet magazine, and two bars of yummy chocolate (can you tell that one is already half gone??? )Karen has ordered my book and it's on its way too Thanks again Karen you've been a great partner here you can see a little more detail
  3. Karen ~ (Krakovianka) :tyYour package arrived today :yay Your bookmarks are beautiful, so are the snowflakes I'm going to take the magazine on vacation with me A thread project is perfect for traveling. I've already hidden the chocolate so I don't have to share I'll post a pic tomorrow when the light is much better. Thanks again for being my partner, this has been alot of fun.
  4. Here's the pic of my new cozy from Miranda (Around74) made for my PersonaliTea. She also included some Lady Grey tea and a cut little teapot infuser. Thanks again Miranda
  5. Miranda (around74) your teacozy package arrived yesterday. I believe it's cupcake's popcorn stitch cozy and hotpad:yay:ty:yay It fits perfectly Miranda also included some of her favorite tea, and a cute teapot infuser. I'ts such a dreary day here and my camera batteries are low so I probably won't post a pic till tomorrow. Thanks again
  6. Miranda ~ I'm so glad it fits and that you like it. I was so worried since I lined it would be too small.
  7. Karen (Krakovianka) I'll be taking your swap box to the PO tomorrow on my way to work I can't wait to see if you like the book i picked out, and bookmarks I hope it doesn't take too awfully long in transit
  8. Miranda (around74) I'll be taking your swap box to the PO tomorrow on my way to work I'll pm you and Patti the dc# tomorrow night. I can't wait to see if you like it
  9. My swap package from Marcia (nanaM3) arrived today:ty I just love everything in it:manyheart She sent 2 skeins of Plymouth Galway wool in beautiful shades of green and brown 1 skein of plymouth outback wool in a great varigated colorway in shades of blue/gray. These are just perfect for my sisters christmas purses. A dried apple and cinnamon, so I can make a sachet that smells amazing. Honey sticks from a local farm Organic Mango tea that I have the water on the stove for as I write this:c9 A very nicely made thread dishcloth that is almost too pretty to use (but I will) A package of pumpkin ornaments The most amazing assortment of patterns, some are tearoffs and some neat old pattern books. Best of all she included a note telling how she picked these wonderful things for me and where she found them. Thanks again Marcia, you made this swap alot of fun Now I'm off to have a cup of mango tea and look for the perfect pattern for my apple sachet.
  10. Marcia ~ That is just beautiful I love it I'm working on a christening gown and bonnet set too.(no baby for it yet)
  11. just sent my survey in too:yay I tried to resist, but it was way too difficult
  12. Has anyone ever tried lining their cozy?? My dog sitter noticed my teapot, with the cozy my partner made for me from last years swap. Her Mother is a big tea drinker. She's been looking for a lined one, I guess to keep the tea warmer longer. I'm going to give my sewing skills (or lack of) a test and see how it turns out.
  13. I made one of those for my girls too. They weren't too happy with it Your right Homespun is EVIL
  14. Right now I'm using a felted bag I made from FCEC magazine. My current WIP is a thread christening gown, so this bag is just the perfect size
  15. Christi that is gorgeous You really did a great job. I have to get that book
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