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Duds for Doggies and Furry Ingrates CAL


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I know this CAL was started awhile ago, but I'm working on Harry Potter scarves for my two, as well as some friends' pooches. July is coming up soon, and it's a big month for HP fans everywhere!


I should have a Gryffindor scarf for a very large sheltie done at lunchtime today, and I'll see if I can't get my cocker girl to model it before we mail it off! Then it's another Gryffindor scarf for a friend in GA, one for my dachshund, and a Hufflepuff one for my little cocker. I'm making the scarves in two ways--one as a tight keyhole scarf , the other (for the smaller sizes) with one end looped over so that the other end can be pulled through.


I love making things for my pups, and I'll have to post some of the other doggie accessories I've made in the past month! I've really enjoyed reading the posts in this CAL and seeing all the beautiful creations!

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I finished the Harry Potter scarf for our larger dog friend. Gretta was gracious enough to endure the camera after the disgrace of a bath. THe recipient is a lab/husky mix, so it's a bit big for my little cocker. She'll be getting her own scarf after I finish filling the requests from my friends!:



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