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  1. I absolutely adored working with Shine Sport! So much that I went back to Knitpicks and placed another order for more in grass green. It does have a tendency to grow, but that was exactly what I wanted for this top. The smallest size was still a SMIDGE on the too-big side, but after blocking it out (and letting the sweater grow and skinny out) it was perfect. I ordered 12 skeins but ended up only needing 8.5 total, so now I have more to play with !
  2. Thanks everybody! I totally recommend this pattern. It's REALLY well-written, easy to follow, and the first thing I haven't had to rip back because I misread and misunderstood...I just had to frog the collar once because I forgot what color code I had assigned to my stitch markers LOL! Doris Chan does such a good job writing patterns that it's easy to adjust and fit to one's body type.
  3. I finished my China Doll top and had it's first run outside! I need to re-do where I put the buttons, because the loops stretched a bit more than I had anticipated and it wasn't staying tightly connected like in the magazine. I opted out of making the tunic-length option--they generally don't sit right with my shape and the pants I like to wear! I used Knitpicks Shine Sport in Sky, the hooks suggested in the pattern, and it took me a bit more than a week to finish, though the crochet portion was done very quickly. Shine takes a long time to block, especially in this humid weather, and I was a slacker about going out to purchase the 1/2 inch bone rings for the buttons! EDITED: I'm very sorry...I'm apparently really dumb and can't get the picture to resize properly, though I'm shrinking them smaller than Crochetville asks for. If you're on ravelry you can see the finished product there, my name is pianoducky there as well.
  4. Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic job, I can't wait to see the next one!!
  5. I'll see if I can get someone at my super bowl party tomorrow to get a photo of me in it. I'm petite and have NO chest whatsoever, so I was worried that this wasn't going to fit right anyhow...since the models in the book definitely were endowed better than I! It comes down below my waist. Actually a cute fit for a cardi!
  6. Thanks everyone! It's really grown on me, and I think I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it. It'll be nice to keep in my piano studio on campus--it gets really chilly in there! I'm still going to make another one with adjustments, though. I had a very specific few shirts I wanted to pair this up with!
  7. I love it!! It's so pretty and delicate, and that color is incredibly versatile! Thanks for sharing the pattern!
  8. I just don't think it was meant to be for me and this yarn! I've frogged several failed projects with this Wool-Ease I got on clearance for 99 cents a skein. This one is not going to be frogged, but it turned out larger than I'd anticipated. It's the pattern "Knot Ugly" (the deluxe version) from Stitch 'n Bitch: Happy Hooker, made in a medium. I made gauge, but the schematics for this came out a bit larger than indicated. On me, it's more of a cardigan than a shrug, but it works! This pattern was really easy and really quick. I'm going to try it again with some adjustments (the small pattern, shorter sleeves) now that I know the pattern. THanks for looking!
  9. You could also try looking at Knitpicks.com. They divide their yarn up by weight as well, though to get enough yardage it may still add up. But not nearly to that much, i'm sure!! http://www.knitpicks.com
  10. I do both as well. My livelihood is tied up with the piano, and I have to be very careful with any repetitive use activity, especially one putting more stress on the ligaments and small muscles in the hand, wrist, and arm. I generally have one knitting and one crochet project going at a time, since I use my body differently for each craft. That way, I "cross train" . That being said, if I'm in a clutch situation and need to make a gift for someone, I'll turn to crochet first. I've been doing it much longer, and I'm really proud of the way my projects turn out. My knitting (which I've only been doing about a year), while nothing to sneeze at, doesn't always live up to my high standards for gifts . Maybe someday....
  11. Ugh...I missed posting on time as well. I'm almost done with a knitted dog sweater for the newly shorn cocker spaniel (we had a little run-in with about a bajillion cockleburrs), so I was hoping to add some positives to my weekly score. I was a bad girl, though...I was asked to crochet a shawl for a display, so there is -3. I also got suckered in by the $2 skeins of Moonlight Mohair at Michael's. There was this beautiful blue I'd been eyeballing for MONTHS with a beautiful lace shawl in mind...and it's not getting cheaper than $2!! So my weekly score....-15. I'm still about an inch away from finishing the neck on my doggie's sweater, so I'll be off to a good start next week!!
  12. I did horribly last week, but was off to a good start with football games yesterday! I turned 2 skeins of Suger 'n Cream into balls making washclothes...I just kept getting distracted during the Green Bay/Giants meetup LOL. That was a good game! So +2 for me yesterday! Oh, and I gifted a ball of RHSS to a friend making a hobo bag. I was so excited--she's a knitter who LOVES my purses, and when she saw how quick crochet was she insisted on learning forthwith! She just finished her first hobo bag last night...as well as a scarf.
  13. WOW! It's looking amazing! Beautiful work, I can't wait to see the finished project! Keep it up!
  14. This bag is for me...a girl with pretty simple tastes. If it's black and white, I'm all over it . I used some of my pound of mill end Sugar 'n Cream for this bag (which I got with a coupon, so it cost $3.99), some handles I got on clearance, organdy ribbon that was in the dollar bin at Joann, and a lining I dug out of the remnant bin a long, long time ago. This ended up being a very economical bag! I did go down to an "h" hook for this, and I added some extra rows in the middle to make it pleat a little more (and look more fat bottom-y).
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