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  1. I posted this in the wrong category and an not sure how to delete it. Any how she wanted something eating her feet so I came up with these:
  2. I haven't visted the ville recently but just tried to post a picture which I had saved in my hotmail. WHen i tried I got this message: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. what should I do? Its just a pic of a pair of slippers I made for a coworker. Thanks
  3. Rachel, You did such great work! I miss you already..the site is not the same and I am really lost..
  4. I lost a pattern from the Australian Spotlight site. I believe the name was Bamboo Cotton Long cardigan It was done in Vstitch from the top down. I tried the website but can't find it. Would really appreciate your help in locating a copy of this pattern. THx
  5. I tried! it works.:yayHere's what I did: I decided how wide I wanted the brim to be. I did post hdc for all those stitches. On the next row I did sc, 2sc in the front loop of the stitches on the previous row. I did 2sc tog at the beginning and end of each row. I continued this till the brim was the length I wanted. I fasten off the yarn. I repeated what I did on the the back loop of all the stitches. I inserted a piece of plastic canvas and sc both together SC around entire hat. Sorry I don't have a camera to show you a pic of the caps I made, but it worked out really well. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
  6. Of course, I had so much to do this weekend that I didn't have time to try to make a brim. Thanks Aggie May for your input. But when you wrote"Then I work the same number of rows {decreasing} 1 stitch at each end until I get back to the number I had after my first row" I guess you meant "increasing" not "decreasing" right? I think I'll try yor way. What I think I'll do is work the first brim in the front loop stitches. Then when I get to the lenght. Then go back and work another into the back loops. I'll still have 2 brims to sew together but then I will insert the plastic canvas and join both pieces together by single crochet.
  7. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I am going to try this weekend and let you know how I make out.
  8. Thanks for your response.Could you please answer 2 questions: I am want to try to decrease 2 stitches per row.Where do you normally place the decreases at the end of the row or in the middle? What do you recommend as far as the width of the brim? Thanks again for all your help..
  9. I don't actaully follow a pattern when doing a hat. Does anyone have any tips/suggesstions on how to crochet a brim to a hat? I don't want it too pointy and want to do it double so that I can add plastic canvas to make it stiff. Any suggestions would be helpful as I am at my wits end and can't seem to figure out how to adapt the brim patterns that are already out there to my needs. Thanks,
  10. My husband says even though he prays that we never experience any calamity like this, because I have my crochet stuff all over the house..he can see me re-enacting this .I would be able to find stuff to crochet no matter even if I am buried under rubble.
  11. Did you guys see this article? Italy quake: 98-year-old woman rescued after 30 hours Rome (Xinhua): A 98-year-old woman was rescued alive from the earthquake rubble in Italy's L'Aquila city after being trapped for 30 hours, Italian media reported. Maria D'Antuono told ANSA news agency that while trapped under her house, she killed time by "doing crochet." She is in good condition :clap:clap:clapHooray for crochet!!!!:cheer:cheer:cheer
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