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First Kool-Aid Attempt!


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Well, I'm a little too pleased with myself and my husband is tired of listening to me, so now I get to talk everybody's ears (eyes?) off here.


After being inspired by all the pretty yarns everybody has been handpainting, I decided to take a crack at Kool Aid dyeing.


I used Paton's Classic Merino and Kool Aid in Grape, Grape with a few drops of blue food dye, Black Cherry, Strawberry mixed with Orange, and Lemon-Lime with blue dye. (Whew!)


Other than my kitchen smelling like a wet, fruity lamb for a little while, I'm really pretty pleased with my first attempt.


You can have a look-see here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/28247563/

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That's gorgeous! I hope you know that looking at wool yarn colours will never be the same again... Not now that you can change them!


I started a blog because I wasn't getting "enough" encouragement. My Blair is a great guy, but he just doesn't get the whole fibre thing, and feels that saying "that's very pretty" just once is enough.


Well, you know we'll all cheer you on here :cheer

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Thanks, all! :)


Now if I could just figure out what to make with it...


It is just beautiful! I am afraid to try this!


Don't be! It was really very easy. :) I used the method in last month's Creative Knitting magazine.

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