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  1. I saw the movie last night and also thought the sweater/capelet was very cute, I think there were 2 of them, one blue and another purple.
  2. OK, I'll post it when I get organized. The encore yarn was pretty cheap, I figure the thing is still going to cost around $100. I shopped around for the koigu, because I love koigu, but I was going to have to order it from about 15 different internet retailers and still couldn't find all the colors the pattern called for! I found that a bit frustrating, she should have used a yarn that was easier to find!!
  3. I started it a few months ago, I'm not very far, but I'm using Plymouth Encore, it's got a huge color selection, and it's worsted weight, not sock yarn. I'm using an H hook b/c I want it to be a bedspread not just a blankie. I'll give you the color combinations I'm using if you'd like. The other thing recommended by my LYS was Mission Falls wool. The only problem with that was that I needed 2x as much yarn and it was more expensive. It doesn't have as many colors, but some really pretty combinations could be made from it. Rachel
  4. I'm making the sleeveless top, I'm more than 1/2 way finished. I'm not using thread though (although I'll make another using thread), I had this obsession with some Claudia handpainted sock yarn, so I'm using that and modified the pattern. rachel
  5. I'm making this top!! And it's turning out super cute, I hope I can get it done and post here soon. I love the way thread looks for clothing, it takes a long time to make an fo, though!!
  6. I love your shawl. I bought that book for that pattern, but haven't gotten started on it yet. It turned out beautifully, enjoy it!! I like your yarn choice, too. Rachel
  7. Have you checked out www.dianelangan.com? She has a ton of shrugs on her site, I'm not sure if any of them are thread, though. Good Luck! Rachel
  8. I made a skirt for myself and I just wear a slip under it that's the same color as the yarn. I have a friend who used to sew for a living and she assured me that I don't want to sew a lining into the skirt, just wear a slip under it. As a matter of fact, her daughter knitted a dress and went to Victoria's Secret and bought a full slip in the same color and wears it under her dress!! Hope that helps.
  9. I just checked out your website and WOW!! Your stuff is amazing - you should keep that for yourself!
  10. Try www.luv2crochet.com, she's a member here and has some really cute stuff.
  11. I live in the North Shore!! Where is the Hobby Lobby in West Bend? My cousin lives in Jackson and I could visit it when I visit her!
  12. Welcome from another Wisconsinite!!
  13. Soul2heart, great job on your bag. The lining looks so professional!! I maybe should have asked for your help before doing mine, I didn't like how it turned out. I'm the worst finisher ever, though. I hate all that fussy little crap!!
  14. I love how all the bags are turning out!! Carol, yours is officially in the mail, as they say....I have delivery confirmation, I'll pm you. I hope you like it and thanks for your patience, I had a hard time figuring out how to put the finishing touch on it. I've been carrying it around with me today and I have to say it's a handy size. Not large by any stretch of the imagination, but handy nonetheless! Here's a pic of my bag from Christina, I wanted to get it up so you all could see it! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/r.dickman@sbcglobal.net/album?.dir=/2e6d Rachel
  15. I saw that on kpixie.com a few weeks ago and thought it was so cute!! Nice job.
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