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    I'm a SAHM of 4 boys and a proud Army wife and veteran!
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    Upstate NY
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    crafting of just about any kind, reading, wed design/grafics, collecting cows
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    blankets & baby things
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    Off and on since 1978
  1. I so love this thread. I did a ritual cloth for a Pagan friend out of a black mercerized cotton yarn and then used a brown to essentially chain stitch/cross stitch a pentacle in the center of it. Then I used her favorite colors to crochet flowers and leaves and attached them to the pentacle and finished it off with green chain-stitched "vines" winding around the pentacle with the flowers. It was gorgeous when I was done, if I say so myself! I also did a shawl for myself in my favorite colors and stitched a triple moon in the point and my favorite blessing along the edges.
  2. She is going to drive me crazy before it all ends!!
  3. I'm willing to try anything at this point!!
  4. That's the problem, I was the only one who could take it! We live in military housing and most of the families left and went back home when their spouses deployed! So I am the only one left who could take it for the 2 months! It was the last gift her hubby gave her before he deployed and her only other option was the pound and I am too big a softie. I have locked up the new kitty and it hasn't made a difference. I just caught her peeing again. She has been cleared by the vet, too!
  5. Unfortunately for me, we don't really have a place to lock her away! We live in military housing,... older SMALL stuff and the only room really is the laundry room. But if I keep her there, I don't have any place else for the litter boxes of the other 2!! I REALLY don't want those boxes in the bathroom or the kitchen!
  6. LOL! I sincerely wish I could say the same!!
  7. She has her very own box and I have been watching like a hawk and none of them are using it! I think Miss Kitty Pants is just having attitude!! She was fine until our visitor, who I can't get rid of for 2 months!!! AARRGGHH!!
  8. I am going to find that book! She has never been like this before! We have a vet appointment for Monday so hopefully something will be resolved. We have 3 seperate litter boxes so that isn't the problem. I think she is just a spoiled little queen bee!!!
  9. I think I love you all! I thought it was beyond saving! But my project for tomorrow will be to try all this! Thank you all so much! I have 3 cats, 2 mine, 1 a cat sit. The male is neutered and I don't think it is him. The cat sit is a kitten, but seems to be trained and I think she is fixed, too. The one I think it is is female and fixed, but she has been acting up since the new one came over, just a few days ago. I caught her pooping twice and she peed once yesterday, too. I think she is just being spiteful and I am ready to kill her!
  10. and I am considering throttling it! I am not sure which of the evil critters it was, but I am pretty sure I know the culprit. It got about 8+ skeins, se:eek veral partial ones,... and the kicker, it ruined the baby blanket I was making and a large queen size throw I was making. I am heartsick at the hours lost and I just had myself a good crying jag. And it peed on my crochet bible, the 63 squares book. WAAAA!!!
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