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    I'm a SAHM of 4 boys and a proud Army wife and veteran!
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    Upstate NY
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    crafting of just about any kind, reading, wed design/grafics, collecting cows
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    blankets & baby things
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    Off and on since 1978
  1. Welcome, Justin! This forum is a great place to pick up tips and learn new things!
  2. Welcome, Svetlana! Welcome to Crochetville! You will love it there. I lived in Poland a long time ago and my best friend there was a Russian-born Svetlana. She immigrated to the US and had the same problems, constantly spelling her name for people!
  3. Kiki

    wicca patterns

    I so love this thread. I did a ritual cloth for a Pagan friend out of a black mercerized cotton yarn and then used a brown to essentially chain stitch/cross stitch a pentacle in the center of it. Then I used her favorite colors to crochet flowers and leaves and attached them to the pentacle and finished it off with green chain-stitched "vines" winding around the pentacle with the flowers. It was gorgeous when I was done, if I say so myself! I also did a shawl for myself in my favorite colors and stitched a triple moon in the point and my favorite blessing along the edges.
  4. My apologies to my Fairy Godmother for the belated thank you! Our post office had a fire and Mail was SLOW in coming! But I so appreciated the package and it made my day! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! Look at my goodies!!
  5. I'm a little late in posting this because it took a while to get my package from the Post Office. They had a fire and it really shut down operations! But I got my beautiful package from Heidi with lots of gorgoeus goodies! Thank you so much, Heidi! I have loved getting to know you!
  6. I just got mine and I love it. I sent mine out and I am hoping they all got there. I have had problems with a couple of other packages that I sent out around the same time so I guess we will see. We had a fire at our local post office so it has been a little hard! But here is my beauty from Juli! Thank you!!
  7. I bought a leaflet at Walmart a couple days ago and I really like it. It is called Simply Scarves & Belts by Anne Halliday (Leisure Arts). It has 15 patterns in it and I love them. They are really funky and cute! Has anybody used any of these patterns?
  8. I got a great e-card from my SP! Thank you so much for it! And I LOVE the teas!! You can see my card HERE!
  9. I like a G or an H. It used to be a J, but I am liking smaller and smaller!
  10. I'm a WordPress junkie myself. They have free software you can host on your own domain or yours. It is at http://wordpress.org~
  11. Welcome from Gouverneur, NY, orginally from even farther north!
  12. When mine came back, and what I didn't lose, came back all curly and I used to have stick straight! I like it better now! The silver lining to chemo!
  13. I didn't lose all my hair, but I did lose some, so I can relate! I am proud of your son for taking it all so well! Besides, I happen to think bald men are good looking! Just look at Vin Diesl or the Rock!
  14. I received one anonomously from a survivor who was tracked at the same cancer center when I was going through chemo and it is the highlight of my collection! I had skin sensitivity issues, and this was perfect. It was made from Caron Simply Soft hot pink yarn and edged in black and silver furry stuff! It was perfect on my skin and the note that came with it said that it was hot pink and flashy because even a sick woman should feel hot and glamourous! It came with a matching hat, like a cowboy hat, and a matching kercheif/doorag. It was amazing!!
  15. Oh, that sounds so much fun! I so love this swap because it really lets you get to know things about your pal! Thanks for moderating!
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