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  1. No kidding! It is a small world! I grew up in Shawnee, around 75th and Quivira.
  2. The December 2002 issue of Bead & Button magazine has wooden beads covered with crochet; I believe they used sewing thread (sorry, too lazy to go dig up my issue right now). Some of them are really intricately done, too. The article is available in PDF form for $3.95 here: http://www.beadandbutton.com/bnb/default.aspx?c=a&id=694&cc=aNddvt
  3. I threatened to teach my husband. I was knitting on a sweater, and it had a k2-p2 ribbing that you had to pick up all along one side, across the backof the neck, and down the other side. There were probably almost 300 stitches on size 4 needles; I only had to do about 6 or 8 rows, but it was mind numbing. Just to be goofy, I asked my husband, "Hey! You want to finish my sweater for me? I can't stand to look at it anymore." He looked at me a second and said he guessed it might be cool to learn a few stitches. While I was showing him how to hold the needles, our daughter came into the room and my husband got all blushy and weird: "I was just kidding! I didn't really want to learn!" Both he and my daughter really like to use my Embellish-knit to make insanely long I-cords for our cats to play with though.
  4. I was just coming over to post something about this very thing! I've signed up to be a beta tester too... looks like it could be pretty cool.
  5. I found it at my local Border's yesterday. I don't like it as much as her Loop-d-Loop Knitting book, though there were some interesting patterns. There were a pretty good number of pictures, too. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing boots with crocheted uppers and brocade soles/buttons, a motif cardigan, a skirt, a granny square-esque shawl... hm... I remember thinking there were 2 or 3 patterns I'd like, but that I'd be more likely to borrow it from the library than I would be to buy it.
  6. I got my package from Texas Redhead!!! I absolutely love everything in it -- it was all stuff I needed too! She sent me some stitch markers, a set of hooks, a Clover comfort hook, measuring tape, katcha counter, a hook/knitting needle case, a little notebook (with a cool pen!), a package of beads, even a toy for my kitty cats! But I think my absolute favorite thing is the box she painted for me! It's beautiful with roses and yellow daisies! And leading up to all of that, she even took the time to send me cards with darning needles, some patterns, and a hem gauge! Whew! I'll have to get pictures in the near future so I can show off all the wonderful goodies she sent me!! Texas Redhead, you seriously, truly outdid yourself. You were an awesome swap partner!!
  7. I made mine using Plymouth Dreambaby; it's a DK weight. My medium turned out on the snug side, but it was still wearable. It stretched enough to fit, but there was still a lot of show-through between stitches; I need to wear a camisole/tank top under it. I bought another ball of Dreambaby with the intention of frogging the top and making it in the next size up.
  8. I got a nice surprise in my mail yesterday! Texasredhead sent me a card with the cutest Post-It notes! It was my bright spot in an otherwise really crummy day. Thank you! I noticed we didn't have a blog button for the swap yet, so I played around a little bit yesterday morning and made one: Enjoy! ....Or something.
  9. Right now I'm working on: A doily from a French pattern (too bad there are 3 year olds that speak better French than I do). The main part of the doily is a lily pond worked in green and blue threads with a few pearl accents, then it has 3D flowers and swans on top. I just finished the lake part. The lacy white top from FCEC in Cool Crochet. I'm almost done with the torso. I'm also working on a knitted cardigan from Vogue Knitting. (If you want to see, it's the last picture under "Paper Chase.") I'm doing mine in grey Cotton Ease -- I'm finished with the back and right front. Also, I have some Noro Big Kureyon (teal/blue/green mix) that just shipped! I'm thinking I'll make an asymmetrical cardigan.
  10. Hi, texasredhead! I've been scheming all weekend about what I'm going to get you! This'll be fun!
  11. I'm also working on this -- I'm about halfway through the torso, with 7 or 8 repeats. It's turning out to be really pretty so far, though like MOBOGAL said, some of the stuff about the pattern is wonky. I've only found the same errors MOBO mentioned so far, and they're easy enough to figure out. I didn't know about the CAL! Thanks for posting about that.
  12. I've dyed the Patons with Kool-Aid and it worked really well. Can't speak for the Panda wool; I haven't seen it around here.
  13. Hope I made the deadline, too! I just sent mine in. Oh, and Donnalynn -- I meant to say it in my email but completely spaced it -- thanks for setting this up for everyone!
  14. Generally, they have more knitting patterns than crochet; I think the current issue has 4 or 5 crochet patterns. A lot of the time, the crochet is used as edging or detail work on a primarily knit piece.
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