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  1. I love her. I'm a nurse and would love to make one
  2. Thank you, I have seen that one before. The one I was looking for was lacier looking. I appeciate your response.
  3. A few years ago I made a playing card case. It was some sort of shell stitch and made with #10 thread. It was a free pattern on the internet. I can't find it again. I had given away the one I made and would love to make another. does anyone know where I can find this pattern. Thanks,
  4. I have an afghan, that I made most of it in hospital waiting rooms when my father in law was very ill. After he passed away I put it away unfinished in a closet for years because it reminded me of that terrible time. I eventually took it out and finished it and now using it is such a nice reminder of what a nice man he was.
  5. mardar

    knooking hook

    This is really interesting. Can any knit pattern be done this way?
  6. That is beautiful. I have been meaning to try this pattern, but I don't think I have the nerve to make one that size. Maybe I'll start with a pot holder or baby blanket.
  7. mardar

    5 Afghans

    Wow! those are fantastic! You did a wonderful job on all of them.
  8. I love the felted fedora!! I think I'll try and make one
  9. Very nice! I love to see new people joining the hobby:clap
  10. I took 3 flights in the last week and my crochet hook went through security without a problem. It was in my carry on with my yarn
  11. Thank you so much for posting the pattern
  12. It's beautiful!. I'm not familiar with crossed double crochet. Could you please share the pattern?
  13. your shawl is beautiful!
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