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  1. Thanks everyone! Feels good to be back Crochetville is such a big part of me, I'm glad I can be part of it again
  2. Kia ora everyone! I fell off the radar in June, but I'm back, and here to stay. Not sure if anyone would remember me, but I'd been going through some tough times, and just didn't have the energy to be posting and replying. Read the posts here every so often, and was still crocheting, but just lacked energy for social interaction. So, that said, my name's Natalie, and I'm from New Zealand. I'm 24, and working on my Masters thesis in Psychology (looking at how we can focus our attention on just one thing - for anyone who's curious). I've been crocheting for about 3 years, and I also knit, spin, dye (caught the yarn bug all over!), and sew. I don't have much in the way of WIPs, as I lost weight and dropped 2 dress sizes, I have 3 jerseys I'd almost finished and I haven't had the heart to frog and start over (they are Frou Frou, and Prepster from HH, and a chunky knitted cardy) Can't wait to get back into the swing of Crochetville!
  3. I agree, I've used an 8mm hook with mohair that weight, and the fuzziness knid of matts together, and keeps it all together. Yeah, and please post a pic when you're done! I'm dying to make that capelet, but I have lots of birthday pressies to do, and I'm halfway through a deep purple Prepster jacket. I'm fighting the urge to rush down to the yarn store and get some mohair for it now - I'd love it in grey! Oh no, the more I look at it, the more I want to make it to wear tonight! I'll let you all know how well I fight temptation
  4. Thanks!! Well, I've had a little hank of dyed yarn sitting on my window sill for about a month, and I haven't noticed any fading. It's the same principle as kool aid dyeing, and I haven't heard of anyone having issues with kool aid fading. And speaking of this lovely hank - it's still sitting in my stash. I'm glad Sparkles bumped this thread because I'd forgotten about it!
  5. Hey there Sparkles, I'm so glad you've joined us! I dye using liquid food colour, so I mixed up a navy blue using blue and a bit of orange and some black. I put it into a big pot of water with some citric acid added (white vinegar works too), and heated it. I dipped my hank into the dye until it was the light blue colour, then lifted a third of it out, and suspended it above the dye. I dyed the rest of the yarn until it was the mid tone, then poulled the next third out of the water. I dyed the bottom until it was a dark as I wanted it. When it was cool, I rinsed it, and voila!
  6. I actually admire you for that - I tend to have a little hissy fit and chuck it into a corner, never to be touched again! *** And here's a thread that'll help you out! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=8268 I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time at all, I didn't know any of the jargon when I first came here, and now my family is always asking me what I mean. They love the word frogging though - mum thinks she would have been more keen to rip down and start again, back when she knitted, if it had been called frogging !
  7. Glad you worked it out! I'm working on the Prepster too. I just started the sleeves the other night and trying to figure out those sleeve instructions was a nightmare (I've had the flu so my head was fuzzy, had to put it away for the night and just watch TV!) Got it sorted now though.
  8. Another excellent dye job! (just posted on yours too, Qmare) We don't get Koolaid here in NZ either, but I've had some fun using food colour and vinegar or citric acid. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  9. Wow, what gorgeous colours! I love the top one in the bottom pic, with the pink and orange. Welldone!
  10. dreemrytr - If you do learn to knit, make sure you have patience that day! I learned to knit after I'd been crocheting for a while, and I felt that if I had just one more hand, then I'd be able to do it just fine But if you keep at it, it will get easier - now, I still prefer to crochet, but if I wan to knit something, then I'm happy about that too But, in the mean time, those wee french knitting spools, that make icord might be easier if you wanted icord quick.
  11. Can't wait to see it! And don't worry about mixing me up. But I did get a little confused and wondered which bags I'd posted on my blog, and didn't think I'd put any on... And I haven't! LOL I haven't made any felted bags for a while - I guess I should do that too. So much yarn, so little time!
  12. Cute site! But looking at the title, I first imagined what you could do with Grannies/Nanas/Grandmas - what ever you call them I then imagined piling them into a little mini (like with clowns) and you could see there little grey heads poking out of the windows... Don't mind me! I've just gotten up, and that's when I'm weirdest
  13. Just a thought, but adjusting the pattern shouldn't be too bad, as long as your post-felting gauge is the same as the pattern. It's the felted size that meatters, not how much you shrink it, so felt some swatches, and see if they come out a similar size to what the pattern specifies.
  14. oooh, you're gonna have so much fun! Myself, I alternate between lager and smaller hooks when fulling (I especially like to use a smaller needle when knitting as the fabric is floppy to begin with). Personally, I don't see much difference between techniques, the only thing you would want to watch for is that you don't make the stitches too tight. A large hook is often called for because the fibres need to be able to move to rub against each other to felt. But if you have results you like with a hook you want to use, I say go for it!
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