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Spinning Class and fruits of my knowledge...


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Yesterday, I met Jessi [crochetaddict033] at a local LYS for a learn to spin with a drop spindle class. We got together early for coffee, and converation was flowing by the time we got to the shop at 10:30am. The owner was there and super friendly, as always, and she directed us into the learning room, where there were 10 other ladies as well as ourselves.


The teacher of the class was a really nice gentleman named Devin, who enjoys lots of fiber arts, like crocheting and knitting as well as spinning. He spent a lot of time making sure everyone had all aspects down, everything from starting the leader string to using your hands as "gates" to draft the wool. The smaller class size was great cuz we got a lot of one on one time with him, and it was intimate enough that we could still hold a conversation easily.


Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have pics yet... Jessi did get some though, so hopefully she can upload those soon. We both learned with the spindles that the store sells, which are nice because you can use them as top or bottom whorl. He taught us using the top whorl method. We were also supplied with a few ounces of a soft grey wool, to learn with, and about of ounce of some shiny, soft black alpaca to play with once we get more experienced.


After we'd gotten the spinning down pat, Devin showed us how to Andean ply, which was a bit tricky to get down. In fact, the class ended up running well over it's allotted three hours, and no one even seemed to notice.


Anyways, here's what I spun and plied during the class, out of the grey wool:





Awhile ago, I dyed this roving with various shades of green Kool-Aid



So, last night after the class, I spun it up... It ended up like this:


It's a mini-hank of yarn, just over an ounce of bulky weight - about 20 yds.


After I finished that, I wasn't ready to quit so I started spinning some of the dreamy soft wool Jacqui sent me for the Wool Swap...


Except that by now, I have several times that amount on my spindle. :D


I'm having trouble stopping to crochet, I'm having so much fun right now!!


[sorry 'bout the long post.]

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That was so awesome. I was lucky enough to find someone who used to make wooden spinners of all types who gave me a hand spinner and lots of wool. Now I just need time with him so that he can really get me going.



I was told that you dye the wool after spinning but by reading what you did you actually died the green before spinning. Is this correct?

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Sherri you can dye wool before you spin it. Do you have access to a library nearby? You can get so much information on spinning and fibres from there. Even better if you find out if you have a spinning group in your area as they will teach you so much. I thoroughly recommend a magazine called Spin Off if you can get a copy you will be able to find out about your nearest spinning groups and where you can get equipment and fleece to spin with and so much more.

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