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    I love to do crafts especially crochet
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    knitting, crochet, any craft
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    scarfs, blankets
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  1. Sherri1

    Notions Swap ~ ALL DONE!!! :)

    Your welcome!! I was hoping that you would like it! Also, thank you so much for my package. I just got it. I love all of the wonderful stuff you sent. Books - Bag Rugs book 2; How to Crochenit; and Crochet Hat, Mittens, and Scarfs. Two spools of gorgous green ribbon; Lilac sachet (Lilac is my favorite spring flower); fruit snacks (yummie and fat free); critter buttons (love my dog), pastel dots and stripes buttons, and shinny buttons; crochenit hooks (I can't wait to try this); green headband (green is my favorite color); ring stich markers; yarn needles (I needed these, I'm always misplacing my needles); and the best part a hand made beaded braclet and a nice soft fluffy bag for carrying my projects in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Love it all! Sherri1
  2. Gina Laughed, Thank you so much for the beautiful scarfs!!! They are awesome. I love them! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, they look like they took alot of time. Thank you for the yarn and etc as well. Sherri
  3. I have not recieved a scarf either. GinaLaughed is everything ok?
  4. I'm so excited I have been checking for this everyday for the past two weeks!
  5. Sherri1

    hello from van bc :)

    I have made just a few hats nothing like the ones your looking for. I'm so glad to hear that you are finding time for crocheting even though your going to school. I am signing up for school in my spare time (ya right what's that). Oh well I have to get this degree somehow. Welcome.
  6. Sherri1

    Felted hats

    Those are awesome! Good job. What a great way to keep warm while doing something kind.
  7. Sherri1

    Hello from Ontario!

    WOW! Looks like we have a few Ontarians (is that right?). Anyways welcome hope you enjoy!
  8. Sherri1

    New to the Forum...

    Great to meet you. Have lots of fun!
  9. Sherri1

    I am NEW!

    Welcome from Iowa. Have a great time!
  10. Sherri1

    Newbie from Arkansas

    We were all beginners once. You will find just what you need here. Don't be shy about asking questions.
  11. Sherri1


    Hello. Nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy as much as I have.
  12. Sherri1

    New to Crocehetville

    Welcome! It's nice to have you here.
  13. Sherri1

    Doing a project with Variegated Yarn

    I had never thought of it before. I guess in order to keep the rotation going you would have to. I have always just started it and never thought about it. Thanks a bunch.
  14. Sherri1


    Hello! Welcome from Iowa.
  15. I got my purse today from jakesmom31. It is a great little green handbag with very pretty flowers on it. I also recieved a skien of Sugar and Cream Shaded Denim, teas, lip balm, and my favorite treat 2 of the latest crochet magazines with lots and lots of wonderfully terrific ideas. I can't wait to get busy. Thank you so much jakesmom31 for the awesome treats!!!