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How Cool!!


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I just felted my very first bag!! :cheer2


And it is SO awesome... I was scared to put the bag in the washing machine but boy it's too cool what happens.


Hubby didn't think it was going to work and when I showed it to him he said "Wow Jayme, that's pretty neat!" :danc


I'm ready to make another! Right now! Right away! :ohdear


Well, it's drying right now and then I'll attach the straps and post some after pics for you.


I used Patons Classic Merino Wool, in a soft denim color. The pattern was from Marlo's Crochet Corner. I made the 'Felted Rectangle Handbag'. It called for 16oz of yarn, but I ended up using only about 12 or 13. Hmm, oh well, it's still beautiful. :hyper


Here's the before:






Well, the bag turned out not too shabby if you ask me. :thumbsup The bag is not completely dry so it's having a hard time standing on it's own but it should be fine tomorrow night.


Without much further ado:





I already have more yarn for the next felted bag - I picked up some LionBrand Landscapes this afternoon from the RagShop. It was on sale 2 for $9 :danc

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Rebecca, I made the same bag but used 16oz of Fisherman's Wool (LB). It was a huge bag, almost more tote bag sized than purse. Not sure what the difference would be with 12 or 13 oz. but I was already planning on going smaller when I got around to making the next one. :))

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Thanks for the compliments! :hug


Rebecca, the size of this bag is 12" tall and 16" wide.

It's a pretty good size... especially for traveling. I could throw some magazines and some yarn into it and be just fine.


I'm not sure why mine used less yarn... I followed the pattern exactly. Hmm :thinking2

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I really really REALLY want to do this felting thing!


Your bag is GORGEOUS! (darn it.. the stores are all closed at this hour!)

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