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  1. I've used my ex's hair trimmer/shaver thingy to take off excess fuzz. I'm guessing after 10 yrs he still doesn't know where it's at!! lol
  2. Those are so cool! They'd be great for organizing stuff in cubbies!
  3. Has it been fulled yet?? I am DYING to buy that yarn and can't wait to see how it turns out (don't want buyer's remorse). PIC PIC PIC PIC PIC!!! LOL I am an odd
  4. I haven't had too much trouble with knitting snobs, and have had people pay me to crochet things for them (like the Winnie the Pooh animals) since they didn't know how. Personally, I don't care for the look of crocheted wearables, like sweaters and such, but love how the socks, scarves, hats, etc. turn out. I learned to knit when I was 8, made A scarf, and have never been able to do it since, something about using both hands at once confuzzles my brain. I enjoy crochet so much that it never occured to me to let the knitters get on my bad side, and after reading everyone else's posts, I count myself lucky that noone has tried to pursuade me that one is better than the other! :*ctree
  5. I have used a couple different methods for fulling: 1. Bucket and plunger. This works but it's a great big pain in the *** seriously. Takes like 2 hours to do what 20 minutes in a washer does. And that's with super-hot water, vinegar, home-made lye soap, the works. 2. Washer/Dryer. Unless your item is in a bag of some sort, like a pillow case, I DO NOT recommend placing towels in the load. Another pain in the *** is getting all the terry cloth pills off the item. I have again used super-hot water, and also lukewarm, and honestly, there was no difference. I have continued using the lukewarm (almost hot, maybe 110 degrees like to activate yeast-a reference for all you bakers) from the tap, and use a very small squirt of dishsoap instead of laundry detergent since it seems to make it a bit "stickier" or doesn't leave any softness in the water. Does that make sense? I put the item in by itself, on the smallest cycle, and I even let it go through the spin cycle (didn't know not to!) with no ill effects. Then into the dryer it goes. I've had decent results with this method, nothing has fulled too much, but I think it depends on your stitching beforehand too. Like if it's real airy and full holes it would full more than if it was stitched closer, like how it would be done if you weren't fulling it. Does that make sense?? 3. Lastly, I have used a textured cutting board (read it somewhere, decided to try it) and rubbed the item against it (like one would with a washboard) and it did seem to have some effect, tightening the area I was rubbing/scrubbing a bit more than the rest, but that was another pain in the *** method... Maybe if I had a real washboard? The major recommendations I would make: Make a test swatch. Use shampoo, dish detergent, or body soap instead of laundry detergent (to strip the fibers of natural oils better and allow more tangling). RELAX AND ENJOY!! Even if it turns out unexpected, it's still one of a kind!! :*ctree
  6. Thank you for all your kind comments (I forgot to say that last post) hopefully the 12 year old that is getting it as a gift likes it as much as all of us!! Er, all of you I mean, lol. :*ctree PS~Can't wait to see yours Sampler Lady!!
  7. That is gorgeous! I love your use of colors/combo!! Very well done! :*ctree
  8. I'm with the "aye's" and think it's just wonderful! Very artistic and a beautiful gift!
  9. Great job, your sister is going to love it!!
  10. That is just too incredibly cute!! We've got cats and they won't leave a regular tree alone so that may be just the thing! Wonderful job!!!
  11. Awesome!! I've wondered about using solid colors, and now am convinced! It's look GGGGGGGreat!!!
  12. Alas, I'm an idiot and forgot before pictures; furthermore, I have only a little bit of the yarn left in blue/white varigated, homely orange, and neon green (the last two are solids). I did see Joann Fabrics has a new yarn out, their own brand, and it's not only 100% wool but also has lil' bits of stuff in it. At $6 a skein I'm thinking tiny tiny purse, or wait for a sale :danc The purple purse was almost twice it's size when finished, probably 20 inches wide? Finished it's about 12 inches wide. I think. Don't hold me to that :*chsanta
  13. My latest fulled project, took less than a day to make, and I actually used a washer this time (instead of the tedious bucket routine). Again, I was using some 70's vintage varigated wool yarn that I picked up a few years ago and the stripes worked themselves out. I like how the stripes ended up blurring (nope it's not the photo, the seams on the chair are clear) and I'm looking forward to working on another.
  14. How pretty ! I haven't used the tweeds for anything, but I think I'mm going to have to now! :w-sman2
  15. It's gorgeous! I took a look at your stitch instructions (easy to read-thank you) and it looks so simple, but the finished product has a beautiful texture to it! Thanks for posting it. :w-sman2
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